Sandalwood essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

  • has a relaxing effect
  • inflammation of the skin
  • stimulates the activity of the pineal gland
  • depressive states
  • renewal at the energetic level
  • harmonization

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True sandalwood is an explosion of deep, sensual woody aroma combined with a whole list of unique properties.

The oil is extracted from sandalwood, most often from varieties of sandalwood that grow in Bangladesh, Nepal and India. Although sandalwood also grows in Australia and the Pacific Islands, Asian sandalwood oils are the most prized.

Interesting effects of sandalwood oil:

- Sandalwood oil has proven calming properties. It is used in cosmetics and medicine. It has also been known for centuries as an effective aphrodisiac.
- Due to its diastolic effect, this essential oil improves lung ventilation and facilitates expectoration. It is also attributed to antiviral properties.
- It also has a positive effect on increasing concentration and improving memory.
- It prevents the growth of microorganisms, and its smell also repels insects. That is why it is used in disinfection and disinfestation.
- It is used to disinfect minor wounds or scratches. It will not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also accelerate healing and regeneration of damaged skin.

How to use sandalwood oil?

- Bathing
To experience its effect, just add 10-15 drops of oil to a bathtub with warm water. Used in this way, the oil has an ideal effect on both muscles, mind and skin.

- Massage
4 drops of essential oil are mixed with 1 tablespoon of base oil, for example, almond or sunflower oil.

- Aromatization and air disinfection
A few drops into an ultrasonic diffuser, about 20 if you are creating potpourri.

- Enriching cosmetics
A few drops can be added to a cream, lotion or shampoo.

Sandalwood oil can generally be used without any risk of sensitization or allergy, both in adults and children. However, when using it for skin care, direct application should rather be avoided. The best solution is to add it to another oil base.

* Check individual skin reaction to the oil before use.

INCI:Santalum Spicatum Wood

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10 ml

W końcu prawdziwy sandał!

Dziękuję, ze mogłam kupić ten prawdziwy olejek! Szukałam wszędzie i w końcu go mam! Od razu wiadomo, ze oryginał!


Prawdziwe drzewo sandałowe

Idealne do moich zdrowotnych mieszanek! super jakość!

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Sandalwood essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

Sandalwood essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

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