Plant cosmetics
Plant cosmetics are a real treasury of precious substances that actively care for our skin.
That is why modern cosmetology uses both extracts, macerates and oils obtained from both cultivated plants and those commonly regarded as weeds growing on wastelands.

Of course, the most valuable for us are those obtained from the so-called wild harvest.
This method of obtaining plants has been known to people for centuries. Herbs, flowers and sheep were hand picked at the right time.
Their growth was not interfered with by any means. Nature itself made the selection.
And this makes the plant really powerful and becomes the most valuable source of active substances.
Contemporary plant cosmetics are mainly based on active substances obtained mainly from extracts, decoctions, infusions or macerates, both water and oil.
Often, valuable substances are extracted from plants using modern methods, such as supercritical CO2 extraction.
This method allows you to get almost 100% of what is in the plant.
However, it does not change the fact that the ingredients that make up plant cosmetics obtained in this way are simply 100% natural and not synthesized in laboratories.

Shamasa cosmetics are plant-based cosmetics and can be used by vegetarians.
It is very important for us to offer you the highest quality, which can be guaranteed by nature. That is why plant cosmetics have such a wide range of activities and each user will choose the appropriate care tailored to their individual needs.

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Jojoba - intelligent oil

Review(s): 10

mixed, oily skin, shining in the T party acne, sensitive skin psoriasis, eczema dandruff ...

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Price 32.00 zł
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African black soap

Review(s): 7

delicate skin, prone to irritation atopic skin psoriasis acne lesions hair care for all ...

Reference: 5903766111131

Price 32.00 zł
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Rhassoul clay

Review(s): 4

contaminated skin skin tired, gray problematic skin blackheads excess sebum

Reference: 5903271414086

Price 21.00 zł
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Witch hazel hydrolate

Review(s): 5

enlarged pores oily skin mixed complexion acne regulates the secretion of sebum ...

Reference: 5903271414079

Price 25.00 zł
Product available

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