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Jojoba - intelligent oil

Review(s): 10

mixed, oily skin, shining in the T party acne, sensitive skin psoriasis, eczema dandruff ...

Reference: 5903271414130

Price 32.00 zł
Product available

African black soap

Review(s): 7

delicate skin, prone to irritation atopic skin psoriasis acne lesions hair care for all ...

Reference: 5903271414826

Price 30.00 zł
Product available

Rhassoul clay

Review(s): 4

contaminated skin skin tired, gray problematic skin blackheads excess sebum

Reference: 5903271414086

Price 21.00 zł
Product available

Witch hazel hydrolate

Review(s): 5

enlarged pores oily skin mixed complexion acne regulates the secretion of sebum ...

Reference: 5903271414079

Price 25.00 zł
Product available

Plum seed oil

Review(s): 6

wrinkles all skin types dry, dehydrated skin brittle hair splitting nails eczema first ...

Reference: 5903271414215

Price 35.00 zł
Product available

Nuts shells peeling 100 g

Review(s): 4

skóra zanieczyszczona zaskórniki skóra zmęczona, szara cera przed zabiegami rewitalizującymi

Reference: 5903271414093

Price 24.00 zł
Product available

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