Oily skin

Oily skin, or what kind of skin?

Oily skin does not accompany only teenagers, who in adolescence experience a hormonal storm that causes excessive work of the sebaceous glands.
Oily skin is also very common in adults.
Excessive sebum secretion is encouraged by inadequate skin care, smoking, metabolic disorders, diseases of the digestive system, chronic stress or genetic predisposition. It is thick, often glows, has a gray, earthy tone, and shows enlarged pores that have a tendency to congeal.

Can oily skin be beautiful? Of course it can!
Its care can be demanding, but it is enough to reach for proven ways for oily skin to restore its healthy and beautiful appearance.
Despite its disadvantages, it also has its advantages. First of all, resistance to external factors (wind, frost, sun, various cosmetics).
In addition, oily skin is much later affected by the aging process.

How can you recognize oily skin?

- Oily skin shines even after removing makeup. Regardless of the product used - milk, gel or micellar liquid.
- Care with oily creams or cosmetics will most likely bring discomfort.
- It very rarely responds to changes in weather conditions.

How to care for oily skin?

Let's start with a thorough cleansing of oily skin both in the evening and in the morning.
After each washing of the face, the skin should be wiped with toner or hydrolate.
This can also be done during the day. Once a week a scrub is necessary, which will mechanically remove the remains of dead skin.

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