At the beginning, there were trips and friendships :)

Every corner of the world has something fascinating to offer.

We have taken cosmetics, herbs and products that are so obvious part of cultures and people who use them.

Fascinated by the richness of plants, their properties and passion of the owners of companies that produce them, we dreamed about our own small company that will combine this delight with products, freedom of action and the opportunity to tell all who will have the openness of knowing. 

And so Shamasa was born. 

Many years of selection from proven crops and producers for whom work equals passion is now our range. 

The quality of the product is our priority, which is why we do not compromise on this issue and we care very much about the origin of products that have certificates that guarantee their quality. 

Oils, soaps, hydrolates, clays and butter from our offer is a care arsenal, which is a permanent resident in our private bathroom and works well both for skin and hair care. We are constantly testing new products that we would like to show you, but we also listen to your opinions and use your experience. 

Everything we use with full conviction we recommend to our clients. 

Extremely valuable and are important for friendships, both private and resulting from business relationships, that's why we know both our suppliers and we are happy to learn about our clients.

See you later
Magda & Marcin

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