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Caring for men's skin is as important as caring for a woman's skin.
And although the man does not like to waste time in the bathroom, he remembers that taking care of the skin affects his appearance also in the future.
And this also translates into success among the fair sex.

Modern man knows that his skin requires proper care and the use of one is not a whim but a necessity.
Men's leather is up to 25% thicker than women's leather. This is due to the greater number of layers of the epidermis. I'm in a hurry to explain.

Well, the average guy just has more keratinized cells in the stratum corneum.
On the other hand, the dermis in men is thicker and tighter intertwined than in women, and has more collagen and elastin fibers.
On the one hand, this makes men's skin age more slowly, but it ages more rapidly.
Of course, there are many more differences, but these already show that specially prepared male care is really important and necessary.

While it might seem that men's skin is virtually indestructible, it is not!
Due to its thickness, men's skin is often rough, hard and unpleasant to the touch.
Such skin likes to receive an injection of active ingredients and needs regular exfoliation

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