Essential oils

Essential oils have been known to mankind since ancient times.
Just as in the past, today essential oils are considered a precious treasure.
They are now widely used in aromatherapy, taking advantage of their wide range of properties. Broad because essential oils often exhibit relaxing, calming and even therapeutic effects. Some alleviate symptoms of depression, others treat skin lesions, others have analgesic effects, and still others increase libido. How to use them so that the therapy is safe and brings the best results?

Inhalations with essential oils

A few drops of oils are added to a bowl of hot water, an inhaler or a diffuser and simply inhale the soothing and healing scents. In this way, you can quickly reduce many ailments, including upper respiratory tract infections.
Remember, however, when choosing an oil for inhalation, to pay attention to whether it is definitely an essential oil and not, by chance, a fragrance oil.
Essential oils are all-natural substances with specific medicinal or therapeutic properties.
While those called fragrance oils are simply a mixture of fragrances including synthetic ones. They have no properties beyond the scent itself, nay, they may not be intended to come into contact with our skin.

Bathingwith essential oils

Essential oils are different and some can and others should not be applied directly to our skin. Therefore, for your own safety, when using them as an additive to aromatherapy baths, follow a simple rule.
Take a tablespoon of so-called base oil - it can be sweet almond oil, maybe olive oil or even grapeseed oil - to this base add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice and only such a mixture pour into a bath with warm water. The base oil will protect you from skin irritation, but at the same time will add more nurturing power to such a bath.
Your skin will be better moisturized and nourished, and the essential oil will work as intended.

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