Hair care

In the case of hair care - just as in the case of the face - it is equally important to provide a variety of active substances so that the hair remains smooth and shiny, but at the same time does not look greasy or sticky.
It is important not only to clean them, but also to moisturize them and protect them from external factors.

Some rules for proper hair care

Let's start maybe not at the beginning, but with a very important point. Hair should not be rubbed, both during washing and wiping. Therefore, it is advisable to choose smooth, absorbent towels, such as linen towels, for drying them.
Are you wondering why?
Well, the outermost part of the hair is its scales. They are the ones that cover the hair shaft and are responsible for its condition. Therefore, the better we take care of them, the nicer our hair will be. Now perhaps most importantly - cleanse your scalp. How? It's simple. When washing your hair, focus your attention mainly on your skin. Always massage it with your fingertips for a long while. This will make your hair better nourished. Such a massage will stimulate circulation and the hair follicles will get what they need.

You can wash your hair every day, but do it properly

First, don't apply shampoo directly to your head. Rub it in your wet hands or mix it with water in a separate container and only then start washing. Focus on the scalp. Your hair only needs the lather that will run down on it during the wash. Massage the scalp thoroughly with your fingertips. Perform this action for a long moment. When washing, never use either very cold or hot water. Always use cool water during the final rinse. To close the scales of the hair it would be good to acidify the water, if only with the addition of apple or raspberry vinegar.

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