The form of payment for customers who prefer to log into an online bank, visit a bank branch or post office. After ordering the ordered goods, the customer receives a bank account number by e-mail to which the correct amount should be transferred. Once the payment has been credited to SHAMASA's bank account, the order is transferred for execution. We do not ship based on the transfer confirmation. We send the goods the next day after the payment is posted.

Data for transfers:

SHAMASA Magdalena Migdał
ul. G. Morcinka 26/1, 43-430 Skoczów
ING Bank śląski o/Skoczów: PL 97 1050 1083 1000 0092 3242 0506

Online transfer (PayU)

The form of electronic payment supported by PayU.

Payment by card (Visa, Mastercard)

After placing an order in the store, you will be automatically redirected to the PayU website to make a payment. Secure authorization is carried out by PayU, and no data regarding the payment card is transferred to the store. Once the payment has been confirmed, the order is transferred to the warehouse in order to prepare the shipment. In case of unsuccessful authorization, please contact us via the contact form to change the payment method.

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