Combination skin

Combination skin is two problems in one, because one part of the face needs to be cared for in this way, while another part needs to be cared for in a completely different way.
In simplest terms, combination skin is a combination of dry skin and oily skin.
However, not to make it too easy, each type is found on different parts of the face. Most often, the oily part is located in the so-called T-zone, which is the forehead, nose and chin. Dry - is usually the cheeks and temples. Although it may also happen that in your case these zones can somehow differ.

How to care for combination skin?

Combination skin is not easy to care for. It requires care, as different parts of the face must be treated differently.
However, an important factor is its moisturization. It is important for any skin type, but here especially.
It is easiest to know which areas are dry by washing the skin with water - they will become excessively tight, and may also peel.

Mixed skin likes two-step skin cleansing, so first oil or olive, and then cleansing gel or gentle soap. Don't forget to make a good choice of toner or hydrolate to restore the skin's proper pH and prevent the growth of an unfavorable strain of inflammation-causing bacteria.
The next step is to use a cosmetic with moisturizing properties. With mixed skin prone to greasiness, such products as appropriate oils and light creams with a good composition will work well.
And for combination skin prone to dryness, products with hyaluronic acid or jojoba oil will be suitable.

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