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Nowadays, "ecology" evokes many different associations in us. We also often encounter many myths associated with this term. So if you ask yourself questions about ecology or whether you live ecologically, here we will try to help you find answers to them.

So what does "ecology" mean? Simply put, ecology is knowledge, and therefore also the science of the relationships between living organisms and the environment. What does ecology mean in practice?
Until recently, it was said that ecology is just a kind of fashion.
This is not true and more and more people are realizing it. Because ecology is a conscious use of our planet's resources and it is our duty. A duty to our children and all future generations.

To make it easier for you to at least some aspects of living in accordance with the principles of ecology, we have introduced this section for you. Here you will find biodegradable gadgets that facilitate cleaning - natural, ecological means that do not adversely affect the environment, helping to maintain both the hygiene of life and the cleanliness of the house.
You will also find safer anti-mosquito remedies for us and our planet. Remember that your daily choices can and do have a positive impact on the environment and our planet.

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