Artisanal soap PIERNIK IN SNOW with spicy oils


BEAUTIFUL IN SNOW is a limited edition winter soap in a Christmas version.
The composition contains only vegetable oils and the fragrance is given by real essential oils.

weight: about 100g

26.00 zł

(260.00 zł 1 kg)

Tax included


Artisan soap PIERNIK W ŚNIEGU will accompany us during the winter period.
This is a limited edition with a special focus on the holiday season.
Real essential oils give it a spicy citrus fragrance.
Refreshing orange with a hint of cinnamon and clove.... A delight for the senses and on top of that a gentle skin care.

You know... or maybe not use it at all? maybe it will become a decoration of the bathroom? what do you think?

It will look and smell :)

* each soap is a little different, and that's because we make them using the hot method, each one is touched, arranged, shaped and polished so that it is unique and comes to you full of Good :)

Product Details

Będzie ozdobą mojej łazienki

... no bo jak inaczej :)


sama przyjemność

Bardzo aksamitny w czasie używania a skóra nie wymaga dodatkowego nawilżenia. Kocham Wasze mydła!


Niepotrzebnie kupiłam! teraz żal mi używać! ale za to pachnie bossssko w łazience ;)


cudowny zapach

Chyba nie będę się nim myła... będzie dekoracją w łazience i zapachem jednocześnie !

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Artisanal soap PIERNIK IN SNOW with spicy oils

Artisanal soap PIERNIK IN SNOW with spicy oils

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