Palo santo essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml


The main properties of Palo Santo oil:

* mood enhancement
* stress reduction
* helpful in meditation
* space clearing
* energy balancing
* harmonization of mind and emotions.

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Who knows Bursera graveolens? :)
But Palo Santo already sounds more familiar? ;)

Mainly available as a wood, whose smoke leads into the recesses of the mind and creates a space for meditation.
But this is only one form of this shamanic tree.
Palo santo oil, which came to us straight from Peru, has a sensual, mystical and somewhat mysterious fragrance.
It is light, a tad sweet and definitely woody. It has something of citrus freshness and resinous pine.
In Spanish, "palo santo" means "sacred wood" and is an important part of natural medicine.
And if you look at the properties, it should come as no surprise.

Effects of Palo Santo essential oil:
- used for aromatherapy
- the use of Palo Santo oil in ultrasonic diffusers helps prevent colds, as it increases the capacity of the immune system
- cleanses the air and the mind, as it has the power to calm the stress in us
- has a calming effect on the nervous system, visibly reducing the feeling of anxiety
- visibly improves mood
- thanks to its limonene content, Palo Santo oil is a natural insect repellent
- being a valuable source of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, it prevents the degradation of elastin and collagen in the skin
- promotes meditation.

How to use:
* Apply a few drops to an ultrasonic diffuser,
* If you wish, add a few drops to a bath with warm water ( preferably in combination with a base oil, such as almond or grape seed oil. ) Remember that the bath should not last longer than 20 minutes.
* You can also add a few drops to unscented base oil and use this mixture for massage.
* You can enrich already finished creams or lotions with it.

INGREDIENTS: Bursera Graveolens Wood Oil

* do not apply the essential oil directly to the skin
* before use, check your individual reaction to the oil.

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nie ma przyjemniejszego zapachu !

To mój codzienny wieczorny rytuał :)


mam i nie oddam :)

Zrobię z niego perfumy! żeby zawsze był ze mną :)


Cudne, zmysłowe i tajemnicze

Piękna wersja, tajemnicza i z super wibracją! @medytacja @aromaterapia polecam!

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Palo santo essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

Palo santo essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

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