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Koper włoski olejek eteryczny 100% DUŻA POJEMNOŚĆ 15 ml


Main uses:

* toning
* antibacterial
* acne and oily skin
* relief of menopausal symptoms
* stress relief

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Steam distillation of fennel seeds produces .... Fennel - yes, it's the same plant :)
Fennel may be associated primarily with the kitchen and properly.
It is also often seen in meadows or gardens, as not necessarily a welcome guest.
It is a fairly common plant with an inconspicuous appearance - long green stems topped with tiny yellow flowers - but very valuable! In the form of essential oil it is used in aromatherapy and traditional medicine.

The main component of this oil is anethole - an active antioxidant and antiseptic.
It is often found as part of blends to relieve stomach and intestinal ailments (e.g. bloating, indigestion).

Let's take a closer look at the properties of fennel oil:

- has antiseptic and antifungal properties, so it helps with various infections,
- increases the body's immunity,
- is responsible for the feeling of relief from inflammation,
- helps relieve the symptoms of menopause, because it contains compounds similar to estrogen, so it affects the regulation of hormone fluctuations,
- effectively cares especially for oily skin and skin with acne,
- has a cleansing, diuretic effect,
- helpful in anti-cellulite treatments,
- used in aromatherapy relieves stress and contributes to deepening relaxation, and on the other hand has a positive effect on mental activity.

How to use it?
Fennel oil will be perfect as an additive to cosmetics - cream, washing liquid or shampoo.
It is recommended to add 2-3 drops for every 100 ml of product.

It can also be added to the bath to enhance the aromatherapy and relaxation experience, as well as to cleanse the skin.
It is ideal for massage - preferably in combination with other oils (such as our massage base ), which will complement and enhance its effect.
And, of course, in aromatherapy - add 5-10 drops to your fireplace, diluting with water first. Let the aroma coming from the fennel oil deeply relax and de-stress you when you need it.

INGREDIENTS: Foeniculum Vulgare Dulce Seed Oil

* aromaetrapy product.

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Koper włoski olejek eteryczny 100% DUŻA POJEMNOŚĆ 15 ml

Koper włoski olejek eteryczny 100% DUŻA POJEMNOŚĆ 15 ml

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