Anise essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml


* insomnia
* depression
* ringworm
* cough, feeling of heaviness in the chest with colds
* rheumatic pains
* arthritis

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Anise oil is extracted by steam distillation from dried anise fruit.
This produces a fairly clear oil, the main component of which is the antibacterial anethole. Other components found in it are alpha-pinene, anise aldehyde, beta-pinene, camphene, linalool, cis and trans-anethole, safrole and acetoanisole.

Anise essential oil has the characteristic aroma of black licorice. While you may not be a fan of black licorice, one or two drops of anise seed essential oil can dramatically improve a dull blend.
It can be useful in blends used for diffusers and inhalers to help us relieve bronchitis, colds and even the flu.

Properties of anise seed oil:

● This oil can provide relief from rheumatic and arthritic pains by stimulating blood circulation and reducing the sensation of pain in the affected areas.
● It supports acne treatments thanks to its antiseptic effect.
● It aids healing by stimulating the skin to repair itself after burns, injuries, acne scars and wounds.
● It also exhibits antifungal properties.
● It also helps with severe cramps during coughing. At the same time, it can be very effective in upper respiratory tract treatments, so it is recommended by aromatherapists in inhalations during bronchitis.
● It is truly remarkable as an expectorant, and this property has earned it an impressive reputation. It can loosen mucus or phlegm deposited in the lungs and respiratory tract, and can therefore provide marked relief from coughing, a feeling of heaviness in the chest.
● It also has sedative properties. Because of these, it can be used as a soothing agent for anxiety, depression, and symptoms such as insomnia.

Ways to use anise oil:

* Massage (e.g., for rheumatic pains)
If you use anise oil for massage or as a pain reliever, first mix it with the base oil.
Use a few drops per tablespoon of base oil. An example of a suitable carrier oil might be coconut oil or almond oil.
Massage a few drops of anise oil spread in almond oil into your abdomen.
This can help relieve muscle cramps and menstrual cramps.

* Bad breath
You can add a few drops of anise oil to warm water and use as a gargle to "treat" bad breath.
The mixture should not be swallowed.

*Sooth sore muscles
Add a few drops of anise oil to a serving of body cream or lotion to soothe sore muscles.

!!! CAUTION !!!

* harmful to some small animals and birds. It is not recommended for use on children. It is also best avoided during pregnancy.

* below 15%, the product may change to a solid consistency, but after a while in a warmer environment, it returns to a liquid state.

INGREDIENTS: Pimpinella anisum seed oil

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Anise essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

Anise essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

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