Clary sage essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml.


* pure essential oil
* menstrual pain
* menopause
* acne
* hair loss
* dandruff
* improved concentration
* chronic stress

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Clary sage essential oil is extracted from the leaves and buds of Salvia Sclarea L, which belongs to the plantae family.
It is native to the northern Mediterranean and some parts of North America and Central Asia.
It is usually grown for the production of essential oil.
Clary sage is known for its various uses in different regions.
Most notably, it is known as "women's oil" due to its various benefits for menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms.

Clary sage essential oil is a multi-purpose oil extracted by steam distillation.
Its calming nature is significantly used in aromatherapy.
Aromatherapists recommend for depression, anxiety and chronic stress.
Its antispasmodic properties are useful in ointments and pain relief lotions.
Effective used for acne, it protects the skin from bacteria and is beneficial for hair growth.

Clary sage essential oil can be used to treat skin infections, bacterial infections, inflammation and redness. Its aroma relaxes the mind and creates a calm and light environment. It can also help with menstrual pain and menopause symptoms. It acts as a natural antidepressant and relieves the mind of stress and anxiety. It has antibacterial properties that fight infections and inflammation. It also moisturizes the scalp and reduces dandruff. It can also be used for acne and blemished skin.

Benefits of clary sage essential oil

Reduces acne and clears skin: clary sage essential oil is antibacterial, meaning it fights acne-causing bacteria. It also balances oil and sebum production and makes skin radiant and non-greasy.
It is also rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals and make the skin look youthful and supple.

Antibacterial: fights all infections, redness, allergies caused by bacteria and helps it heal faster.
Its antibacterial nature removes infections and rashes and soothes irritated skin.

Moisturized and clean scalp: clary sage oil naturally provides deep moisture to the scalp and tightens hair from the root. At the same time, it reduces dandruff and balances sebum production in the scalp, which strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss.

Reduced menstrual and menopausal pain: pure clary sage oil is known as an oil for women mainly because, when applied to the lower back and abdomen, it reduces menstrual cramps and soothes irritated muscles. Its floral essence also soothes irritation and stimulates mood swings.

Improved mental performance: known for its earthy and herbal aroma, it acts as a natural antidepressant and frees the mind from the difficult grip of stress and anxiety. Its calming nature relaxes the mind while improving focus and concentration.

Reduces Stress: Its earthy and floral essence calms the stressed mind and relieves tension. It can brighten any environment and make the surroundings calm and relaxed.

INGREDIENTS: Salvia Sclarea Oil

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Clary sage essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml.

Clary sage essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml.

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