Peppermint essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

  • aromatherapy
  • headaches
  • cough, cold
  • cools
  • strengthens hair

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Peppermint oil, obtained by steam distillation from the leaves of young shoots and flowers of peppermint, is one of the more popular oils used in our homes.
The freshly distilled oil is a liquid with a characteristic pleasant aroma and cooling taste.

It contains 50 to 86% menthol and its isomers and esters.

The secret of peppermint oil's effectiveness is its action:

* analgesic,
* antipruritic
* calming

Peppermint oil is also an ingredient in many hair and scalp shampoos. When used to disinfect in the kitchen and bathroom, peppermint oil leaves a scent of freshness all around.
However, few people know that it is also great at repelling insects and even rodents.
In case of a bite, it reduces swelling, thus alleviating the effects of this unpleasant situation.

Effects of peppermint essential oil:

- It exhibits a diastolic effect and reduces muscle tension. Therefore, it has a soothing effect on muscle pain.
- Its smell alone increases the secretion of gastric juice, facilitating digestion and assimilation of food.
- Eliminates the symptoms of a cold. That is why it is often found in the company of other oils in preparations to facilitate breathing.
- Helps bring relief from headaches.

Directions for use:

- In case of a cold or flu, it is worth using it as an inhalation. To do this, apply a few drops to a cotton ball, which, if slid under the nose from time to time, will certainly make breathing easier.
- If you have a headache, make a cool compress with a few drops of peppermint oil.
- In the summer, when you are hot, it is worth adding literally 2-3 drops of oil to your bath.
If you took a shower instead of a bath, you can anoint your skin with almond oil with the addition of peppermint oil.
To do this, take 2 ml of almond oil and add to it two drops of peppermint oil.
Rub such a mixture into your damp skin after getting out of the shower.

NOTE !!!

For the duration of pregnancy and breastfeeding, women should give it up completely. As it is a substance with a rather strong effect, it is necessary to protect the eyes from it and do not use it on damaged skin and skin exposed to sunlight.

* before use, check individual skin reaction to the oil

INCI: mentha piperita

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15 ml

Uwielbiam !!

Cóż będę pisała.. mieta i lawenda to moje numer 1


Od lat uzywam Waszej miety!

...i nie tylko, bo macie jakość pierwsza klasa i w normalnej cenie!


Używam do relaksacji nóg !

Miska z wodą, trochę olejku i nie potrzeba wyjazdu do spa :) Moje stopy kochają ten zabieg!


Podstawa w moim domu!

Do inhalacji, do toalety, a najbardziej lubie moczyć w gorącej wodzie nogi z kilkoma kroplami :) świetny relaks po całym dniu na obcasach :)



Nie ma nic lepszego jak po całym dniu do gorącej wody dodać kilka kropli i zanurzyć stopy...

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Peppermint essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

Peppermint essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

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