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Velvetleaf essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml


Main uses:

* calms distracted thoughts, harmonizes emotions
* helpful in respiratory ailments
* lowers blood pressure
* antibacterial
* repels insects.

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It all started in South America, more precisely in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador.
There, the flower of velvet or Tagetes minuta was first discovered, and later the oil began to be extracted from these flowers and step by step its remarkable properties were noticed.
For the people of South America - a land so distant from ours - the velvet plant has been functioning in traditional cuisine and medicine practically since the dawn of time. In our country it appeared relatively recently. It also began to be cultivated in Europe, primarily in France and Spain.

The essential oil of velvet has a wide range of properties and uses, not only in aromatherapy or cosmetics.

- It is used as a natural remedy against insects, parasites, bugs and mites.
- Shows action on the skin with bacterial, fungal infections, herpes.
- Finds its use in disinfecting wounds.
- Supports the immune system during colds.
- Clears the respiratory tract during inhalation, dilutes secretions lingering in the lungs.
- Clears blocked nose and sinuses.
- Has an antiseptic effect, helps heal wounds, corns or blisters.
- It is also used in the manufacture of perfumes.

For aromatherapy purposes, add 5-10 drops to an ultrasonic fireplace.
To prepare an inhalation, add 2-3 drops of the oil to hot water and inhale for up to 10 minutes or apply the oil to a handkerchief.

INGREDIENTS: Tagetes Minuta Flower Oil

* product for aromatherapy

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piękny zapach

Kupiłam z ciekawości - przyznaję :)) ale zaskoczył mnie tak pozytywnie, zapach jest kojący, lekko słodki, genialny. Bardzo mnie relaksuje !

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Velvetleaf essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml

Velvetleaf essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml

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