Nutmeg - nutmeg essence 100% 15 ml

  • rheumatism
  • bactericidal and fungicidal effect
  • tan preservation
  • mature skin
  • oily and acne-prone skin
  • firming and tightening the skin
  • anti-wrinkle
  • regeneration of hair follicles
  • stimulation of hair growth
  • preparation of muscles for physical effort
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Nutmeg is primarily known as a spice with a spicy slightly bitter taste. On the other hand, the essential oil extracted from nutmeg seeds is characterized by its great potential readily used in cosmetology and unconventional medicine.

It is especially recommended for acne-prone skin due to its effective antibacterial effect.

It is equally effective in improving the firmness of the skin, causing it to gently tighten and improve its texture.

It is also used in the care of weakened, falling out hair by strengthening the hair roots.

At home SPA we can easily prepare care with the addition of this unique essence.

Be sure not to apply the essence directly to the skin in undiluted form !


  • Add a few drops of nutmeg essence to the oil of your choice ( it can be argan, raspberry seed). In addition, to enhance the effect and increase the level of effectiveness and also pleasure, we heat the concoction in a convenient bowl.

Firming mask:

  • we prepare the mask according to the recipe ( for example, rhassoul clay) then add a few drops of nutmeg essence. After a few minutes, we spray with hydrolate (such as chamomile)

Firming facial care:

  • Combine your favorite oil - matched to your skin type and season - (e.g., jojoba, prickly pear) with a drop of nutmeg and, after spraying the skin with hydrolate ( chamomile, rose), apply instead of cream by massaging lightly.

Fixing the tan:

  • combine a few drops of nutmeg essence with your favorite oil or butter ( shea, aloe, almond) and after tanning care for the skin by massaging the product.

INCI: Myristica Fragrans Kerne

* check individual skin reaction to the oil before use.

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15 ml

Mało znana a działa cuda!

Dodaję do opuncji i mam serum z wykopem! Gałka genialnie ujędrnia i to widać! Jestem zachwycona jakością!


Mało znana, a szkoda...

Re we la cyj na!!! ujędrnia skórę i dba o jej kondycję. Łączę z olejkiem z opuncji - krem idealny!


świetny olejek

Mało znany, niedoceniany a ujędrnia skórę jak mało co! Dodaję do olejku z jojoba, pszenicy, opuncji czy którego tam uzywam akurat Dziękuję, bo nie mogłam go nigdzie znaleźć :)



Używam z kremem- super ujędrnia skórę!

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Nutmeg - nutmeg essence 100% 15 ml

Nutmeg - nutmeg essence 100% 15 ml

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