ZERO CALORIES natural liquid soap
  • ZERO CALORIES natural liquid soap

ZERO CALORIES natural liquid soap 300 ml.


Gentle liquid soap without fragrance and without dyes for all skin types!

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Liquid soap without unnecessary additives, without embellishment with artificial colors or fragrances, so that people with sensitive skin can use it safely.
Soap foams gently and while washing the skin does not dry it out!
Its uniqueness lies in the simplicity of its composition and effectiveness of use, because:

  • does not contain parabens
  • contains no sulfates SLS and SLES
  • contains no surfactants
  • no glycols
  • contains no PEGS, DEA or PPG or phthalates

Daily care can become even easier and more pleasant!
Unscented Liquid Soap (100% Natural) is an alternative to traditional bar soaps.
It is pleasant to use and does not leave the feeling of dry and tight skin.

This product gently cleans the surface of the hands and body - it removes dirt, germs and bacteria while moisturizing the skin.

Our liquid soap has no aroma, so it can be used by people sensitive to fragrances and those with allergies.
It also has no color. With its subtle cleaning properties, Fragrance Free Liquid Soap (100% Natural) lathers gently, leaving the skin clean and fresh. It effectively cleans the surface of the body without stripping the skin's natural lipid layer.

Unscented Liquid Soap (100% Natural) does not contain parabens, SLS and artificial enhancers. Its composition is based on natural ingredients and additives, which make it safe for allergy sufferers, children and people with sensitive, atopic skin.

Who is Fragrance Free Liquid Soap (100% Natural) for?

- For children
- for sensitive skin
- for atopic skin
- for dry skin
- for tired skin
- for allergy-prone skin

Unscented Liquid Soap (100% Natural) is an excellent choice if you rely on:

- cosmetics without SLS, parabens and artificial ingredients
- unscented cosmetics
- cosmetics safe for sensitive skin
- moisturizing cosmetics

Advantages of liquid soap:

- it is efficient, it does not dissolve on the surface of the soap dish like bar soap
- it is easy to dose and use
- it is hygienic

What are the benefits of using Unscented Liquid Soap (100% Natural)?

- Hands will become soft and delicate
- skin will become nourished and moisturized
- roughness and dryness of the skin will pass
- you will remove germs and bacteria from the surface of your hands

* before use, check the individual reaction of the skin to the oil


Product Details

moje ulubione

Bez zbędnych dodatków, jak mam ochotę dokładam eteryczny. Jeśli mydło może być genialne to to takie jest :)


Świetna alternatywa dla mydeł z drogerii!

Mam dla dziecka bez dodatków a dla siebie dodaję olejek eteryczny :) super sprawa!



W końcu! bez zapachu, delikatne i nie wysusza mi skóry jak wszystkie dotychczas! Z serca polecam wszystkim wrażliwcom!


idealne dla alergika

To cudowne że w składzie nie ma tych sztucznych zapachów i dziwnych kolorków. Jestem zachwycona. Czasem po umyciu nakładam maskę z shea i tak uratowałam ręce po tych dezynfekcjach. Czekam na te Wasze rzemieślnicze :)


Super naturalne!

Lubię ta prostotę, mam tez ten nowy szampon i oba produkty mnie zachwyciły.

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ZERO CALORIES natural liquid soap 300 ml.

ZERO CALORIES natural liquid soap 300 ml.

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