Clever shower oil RUMBERS
  • Clever shower oil RUMBERS

Clever Shower Oil - Blush 300 ml.


A surprising formula where the oils turn into an emulsion when combined with water,
that cleanses, moisturizes and doesn't leave your skin greasy at all.

Glass packaging, large capacity, convenient dispensing and an unfussy gift :)

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Clever Blush Hydrophilic Oil is the kind of oil that uses the action of oils to wash and doesn't leave a greasy film - doesn't it sound intriguing?
In fact, it is suitable not only for the shower, but also as a soap - it looks quite nice on the sink :) and as a bath lotion.

Main ingredients of the clever shower oil:

* Rice bran oil - takes care of the moisturizing feeling on the skin. It is an oil that contains vitamin E, the so-called vitamin of youth, and ceramides that nourish the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles. However, the most important substance is gamma- oryzanol, the effect of which is much stronger than the previously mentioned vitamin E.

* Grape seed oil - protects against water loss, gentle for the skin, not clogging, and thus for each type of skin, soothes irritation, one of the most delicate oils, which is why it is so friendly to allergy-prone skin.

* Avocado oil - an extremely nourishing and regenerating oil with a substantive yet light formula. Skin in need of regeneration absolutely must make friends with this oil :)

* Vitamin E - youth in every drop - that's what you can say about it. An indispensable additive in a cosmetic that is supposed to take care of the firmness and condition of our skin

* Blend of essential oils blush - a blend of essential oils that spices up many a blush and, in fact, are aphrodisiacs encapsulated in essential oils

* natural emulsifier derived from coconut and vegetable glycerin makes the oil turn into a washing emulsion.

How to use:

I don't think anyone needs to be explained how to wash, but this time I'll make an exception because the product is special too :)
If you're taking a shower use the oil on wet skin - you'll see that it turns into an emulsion, with this emulsion wash your whole body and rinse off.

You can also use it in the bath.... especially for two - a few pumps into the tub and an aromatic bath is ready :)

Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Product Details

bardzo ładny zapach

Fajna zaskakująca formuła i bardzo podoba mi się jego naturalność


Uwielbiam zapach!

Wcześniej kupiłam blend więc ten olejek to oczywisty zakup. I faktycznie, skóra jest po nim super miękka i nietłusta!

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Clever Shower Oil - Blush 300 ml.

Clever Shower Oil - Blush 300 ml.

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