Artisanal scrubbing soap WAKE UP with coffee


WAKE UP is an artisanal soap with coffee scrub.

The soap is made with only plant-based butters and oils!


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Coffee scrub - a classic of care, now a bar.
The particles of fragrant coffee are selected to massage, lightly abrade, but not scratch the skin, so for admirers and admirers of mechanical scrubs, this soap is ideal.

* Use it in the morning, and the smell of coffee will give you a pleasant start to the day and the coffee particles will give your skin a healthy radiant look.

* Use it in the evening as the first step of care and then apply a mask, or use your favorite hydrolate ( it can be from damask rose, because no other is so versatile in action ) and then apply an oil tailored to your skin type ( it can be avocado or prickly pear - I suit all skin types )

* Use it whenever you come to the desire for a home firming and stimulating massage :)

What parts of the body is the peeling coffee soap intended for?

* especially for thighs and back ( in the first case, it will primarily firm and stimulate circulation and in the latter.... well who doesn't like scratching their back? ;) )
* for the face - but of course :) but not every day and if your skin is not too sensitive ( try gently and feel if your face likes such a massage)

Shamas "3 cents"

Personally, I always made a coffee scrub from the grounds after drinking coffee :) I would add oil and ... I clogged the bathtub spout and then I was waiting to scrub it. No more! that I also came across it so late ;) soap has as many particles as necessary, gradually wears off and there is no problem of clogging the spout :) I wish you pleasure :)

INGREDIENTS: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Coffea Arabica Seed Powder, Aroma

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Mydło jakie testował mój mąż to mydło peelingujące z dodatkiem aromatycznej kawy. Pachnie bardzo świeżo , jak zmielona kawa , taka świeża . Mydło ma piękny kolor taki kawa z mlekiem , dobrze się pieni i u męża mydło super się sprawdziło podczas pielęgnacji skóry buzi . Mydło które ma w sobie kawowy peeling świetnie oczyszcza skórę twarzy , nie uczula , nie podrażnia . Mydło jest bardzo wydajne . Mydło jest naturalne , i może być używane przez każdą osobę .


Fajne do masażu

Bardzo lubię taką formę mycia a do tego skóra bardzo przyjemnie pachnie. Super.


Genialne mydło!

Wydajne i człowiek czuje się umyty :D
a ten zapach !

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Artisanal scrubbing soap WAKE UP with coffee

Artisanal scrubbing soap WAKE UP with coffee

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