Ginger essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml


* anti-cellulite
* firming
* nausea
* headaches
* improving concentration
* stress
* menstrual pain.

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(9,000.00 zł 1 litr)

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It has not been known for a long time that ginger has a lot of power, and thus also a number of health-promoting properties.
First of all, it helps fight infections, strengthens the body's immunity, and exhibits skin care actions.
But is this the only reason why in autumn, though not only, it is worth having such a secret weapon in your carry-on?

It is worth emphasizing - despite the fact that this has been known to mankind for centuries - that ginger oil has a positive effect on our immunity, and therefore on our health in general. However, it can also be used in daily care, as it helps with body shaping, reducing cellulite and improving skin firmness.
Let's also not forget that it calms, relaxes and eliminates stress.
Chinese medicine refers to it as "hot" and attributes it with stimulating properties.
Ginger oil increases concentration, eliminates nausea, migraine headaches and menstrual pain.

The important thing to remember when using ginger oil is that its effect is quite strong and therefore it is worth being careful and sparing, especially at the stage of getting to know it.
It is better to start with a really small amount of it and gradually increase its dose learning its power :)

How to use ginger oil?

You can add it to base oils.
In some cases, you can also apply a small amount of it directly to the skin, for example, for inflammation.
Great for inhalation, or as an addition to other cosmetics ...

Finally, an interesting fact. In some Asian beliefs, ginger is attributed with magical effects, and its warm,
spice-forest fragrance with a sweet, citrus note has for centuries been considered one of the most potent aphrodisiacs.

* check individual reaction to product before use

INGREDIENTS: Zingiber Cassumunar Root Oil

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Ginger essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

Ginger essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5 ml

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