Juniper essential oil LARGE volume 15 ml


- antiseptic
- antibacterial
- antifungal
- muscular pain
- menstrual pain
- rheumatism/arthritis

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Juniperessential oil is extracted from the fruit and needles of the common juniper tree.
It is used as an antiseptic, aromatherapeutic and warming agent.
In terms of traditional medicine, juniper berries were used to make syrups - this due to their warming and immune-boosting properties.
Juniper oil can be loved for its woody, spicy and even resinous fragrance - considered beautiful by many - but this, as with fragrances, is an individual matter.
It is worth trying to make friends with it, because it is very good for dealing with headaches, stress, tensions... of which there is no shortage in our daily life. And juniper - soothes.

Oil from juniper needles works well not only on the mental sphere, but also shows a positive effect in cosmetics - used in formulations on the skin. It removes blemishes, copes with scars, stretch marks and cellulite.
However, it is important to use it regularly - then it not only works, but also prevents recurrence.

And hair? Here another plus for our juniper fighter. It eliminates dandruff and, in addition, relieves itching of the scalp and any infections.

INGREDIENTS: Juniperus Communis Oil

* aromatherapy product

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Juniper essential oil LARGE volume 15 ml

Juniper essential oil LARGE volume 15 ml

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