Marjoram essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml


* menstrual pain
* menopause
* blood pressure regulation
* nervous system stress regulation
* cold
* congested nose
* restoring mental balance.

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Marjoram is a plant that many associate as a popular and well-liked kitchen spice.
Although it is worth noting that information about it can be found in Greek mythology, where we read that it was the goddess of love Aphrodite who grew marjoram. She also made - simply by touching it - that the plant acquired a pleasant smell.
Therefore, it was often marjoram herb, as well as its essences, that were used in the recipes of various love potions.
In ancient Egypt, marjoram oil was used as a natural antiseptic and antidepressant.

Marjoram essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of both fresh and dried leaves of marjoram (Origanum majorana). It is a plant originally found in the Mediterranean region and has been known for many years for its uses in natural medicine.
Marjoram oil is made from the flowers and sometimes the leaves of marjoram. After extraction, the oil turns yellow-green in color and turns brown as it ages. The main components of marjoram oil are sabinene, alpha-terpinene, gamma terpinene, cymene, terpinolene, linalool, sabinene hydrate, linalyl acetate, terpineol and gamma terpineol.
These are a lot of really valuable compounds for our body.

It blends well with:

* basil oil,
* bergamot oil,
* black pepper oil,
* clary sage oil,
* lavender oil.

Properties of marjoram oil:

Marjoram oil is a multi-purpose oil. It is popular in herbal medicine, but also in skin care, as it has many benefits. It can improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain and help with relaxation - these are just a few of its properties.

Today, marjoram oil is used as a pain reliever, especially for menstrual pain and headaches. Its calming nature also makes it a staple of aromatherapy, and its earthy aroma is used to promote balance and calm. If you have a cold or a blocked nose, a few drops of marjoram oil is great for soothing and decongesting. One of our favorite things about marjoram oil is how relaxing it is. So if you're having trouble sleeping, it's a good idea to have it on hand in your bedroom.

Ways to use marjoram oil:

* Pain relief:

Marjoram oil is associated with affecting all types of pain, but it plays a special role in women's pain, such as menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms.
To bring relief, mix a few drops with your favorite carrier oil and rub into the abdomen or other painful area.

* Relaxation:

Adding a few drops of marjoram oil to a diffuser will have a relaxing effect on the entire nervous system.

Keep your heart healthy:

The soothing properties of marjoram oil are excellent for the heart and nervous system. Mix a few drops with boiled water, soak a towel in it and wrap your head loosely. Inhale the vapors to lower your blood pressure, relax your heart and calm your body.

A relaxing yet anti-inflammatory massage oil:

Mix a few drops of marjoram oil with your favorite base oil. Jojoba oil will work great in this case, as it is gentle on the skin and remains in liquid form. The calming nature of marjoram oil will give your muscles some well-deserved relaxation.

* Bath:

If you don't have an electric diffuser, a few drops added to a tub of warm water would be a wonderfully relaxing alternative.
Combine it well with a base oil. Such a bath additive not only relaxes but also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it would be great after an intense workout.

INGREDIENTS: Origanum Majorana Leaf Oil

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Marjoram essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

Marjoram essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

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