Palo Santo woods 50 g


Palo Santo woods

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One of the most popular incense with a wide range of applications - here - in the most popular form, i.e. in a wood.

Palo Santo or Sacred Tree.
For centuries used in shamanic medicine in various rituals.
The aroma of this tree helps to get rid of heavy thoughts, improves the flow of energy and restores harmony.
It is an irreplaceable remedy for clearing the space where negative emotions took place.
Often used during meditation.
Its pleasant woody-fresh aroma is a great way to aromatize a space.

Method of use:

Set the wood on fire, preferably in a natural way, i.e. with a match, then blow out the flame.
Place in a suitable ladle horizontally, or slightly tilted downwards.
Take care to ventilate the room in which the wood is burned and do not leave it unattended.

The wood should be extinguished by placing the glowing tip, for example, in a container with salt.

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Palo Santo woods 50 g

Palo Santo woods 50 g

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