Neroli - bitter orange blossom - PREMIUM 100% essential oil 5 ml.


* improves mood
* regulates hormones
* eases menopause symptoms
* helps with PMS ( premenstrual syndrome )
* facilitates good sleep
* has aphrodisiac properties
* calms
* relieves stress

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Neroli is the name of a small Italian town located near Rome, and the scent itself was discovered by Princess Anna Maria Orsini di Bracciano, and it is to her that we owe the presence of this fragrance in the world of current perfumery.

This oil could not be missing from our offer, because we love its sensual aroma ( yes, yes, Neroli is a so-called unisex fragrance - it fits both feminine and masculine energy ) but we also use it for skin care, because like little else, it brightens the complexion, makes it full of energy and so, as if to put it .... alluring;)

Neroli is great for regulating skin hydration, firming and, by the way, is antibacterial.
It protects blood vessels from breaking and the skin in its embrace improves its condition.

In this application, it is best to add a few drops per 30 ml of your favorite oil and use it instead of a cream, for a massage or even in the bath.

Interestingly, neroli is a true friend of women, especially in the monthly struggles with PMS and also during menopause.
It is great for soothing shattered nerves, calming and in general helps regulate mood in all kinds of nervous disorders.

Note! it is also a very masculine fragrance, and is often used as an ingredient in men's perfumes, giving them a fresh and unobvious note.

*before using, check your individual reaction to the product

INGREDIENTS: Citrus Aurantium Amara Fruit Extract

Product Details

mocny i świeży

Nawet mąż mi podbiera :DDDDDD


Genialny i zmysłowy!

zapach luksusu, rześki ale nie nudny, pięknie dopasowuje się do skóry :)


świetny dla mężczyzn!

Dodaję do produktów do brody! rewela!



Mój ulubiony! Dziewczyna zrobiła mi mieszanki z olejami i ma do brody i do ciała. Klasa!


Klasyka w genialnym wydaniu!

Zrobię do niego olejek do masażu ! super jakość!

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Neroli - bitter orange blossom - PREMIUM 100% essential oil 5 ml.

Neroli - bitter orange blossom - PREMIUM 100% essential oil 5 ml.

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