Cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E 30 ml


A light, easily absorbed day cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E based on organic damask rose water for all skin types.

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Light Day Cream with Hyaluronic Acid is the epitome, as the name suggests, of lightness, nourishment, hydration and the very best ingredients in one!

First of all, it was created on the basis of organic damask rose flower water, which already classifies its unique properties at the outset. Water extracted from the petals of the damask rose shows strong antioxidant activity and this protects the skin from the appearance of signs of aging too quickly. In addition, it moisturizes, firms and refreshes the skin while strengthening the walls of blood vessels.
First of all, we based the lightness of our cream on jojoba oil, for which we have a weakness, because like no other oil it perfectly balances the sebum.
What does this mean in practice?
Where the skin produces excess sebum, jojoba reduces it, and where it is too dry it stimulates hydration - isn't this a brilliant property? We've been telling you about it on the stand for years, so now that the first cream was created, jojoba had to become its star ;)

But that's not the end of the stars :) another unique oil, which is in the composition of our light cream, is plum seed oil - well it couldn't be missing...this smell ( marzipan-like ), this effect of softness and velvet that it gives to the skin - works perfectly in this composition. In addition, plum oil visibly makes the skin more elastic and protects it from external factors. Used on its own, it's perfect, so we'll take advantage of its abilities now too :)

Moving on, we meet tomato oil. It's a multifunctional oil that first of all contains lycopene, which in turn is a substance that protects against UV radiation, strengthens blood vessels and protects against rapid aging. In addition, it protects the skin from moisture loss and it is known that adequate hydration is responsible for the quality of the skin and how quickly the passage of time shows on it.
This oil is a real rarity, which with its presence graces our light cream.

What makes the cream, despite its lightness, great for skin that requires strong hydration, is hyaluronic acid.
Thanks to it, our light cream has the power to moisturize, because hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind water in the skin above average and, in addition, retains it, ensuring proper hydration.

And, of course, we could not miss the vitamin of youth, vitamin E, which like no one else copes with free radicals, making the skin firm, smooth, elastic and has a natural glow.

For whom is the light cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E ?

* for mature skin
* for dehydrated skin
* for skin with signs of aging
* for tired, dull skin
* for all skin types
* for vascular skin.

Light cream and its main properties:

* firming
* brightening
* hydration
* regeneration
* pore reduction
* smoothing.

Dear friends, we give into your hands the first cream baby of Shamasa and we hope that it will meet your expectations :)
For many years we have promoted oil care, but after all, everyone has their own preferences and we would like everyone to find something for themselves. For my skin it was also a surprise, because after eight years of contact exclusively with oils, I did not know if it would not be offended despite the good composition.... :D Well, and after many months of testing, I am reassured, my skin has received this change well. So I invite all cream but also oil fans to use :)

* check individual skin reaction to the product before use

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Damascena flower water, Simmondsia chinensis seed oil, Solanum lycopersium seed oil, Prunus domestica seed oil, Glyceryl stearate, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium stearoyl lactylate, Aqua, Sodium hyaluronate, Hyaluronic acod, Dehydroacetic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Tocopherol, Benzyl alcohol/Dehydroacetic acid

Product Details

wracam i wracam

Jeden z niewielu kosmetyków do których wracam i nie chcę żeby się kończył. Załatwia mi pielęgnację na dzień, na noc i kocham krótkie składy.



Na prawdę świetny! Mojej wymagającej skórze mało co pasuje a ten krem jest idealny. Łagodzi zaczerwienienie skóry, pięknie się wchłania, naturalnie pachnie i ma super dobry skład!


Przyjemny i pachnący delikatnie różą :)

Fajne opakowanie, trochę kłopot z wyciągnięciem do końca, ale trochę wysiłku i da się a najważniejsze że jest w szklanej buteleczce i super higienicznie dozowany ! Brawo!


Gratuluje udanej nowości

Córka mi podbiera i muszę kupić drugie opakowanie :)


Strzał w dziesiątkę!

Zostałam jego fanką!



Świetny, na prawdę świetny produkt !



Nie tylko pięknie się wchłania, ale pięknie pachnie składnikami i chyba woda różana dominuje, jestem pod wrażneiem :)


Świetny! Polecam!

Ja już mam i jestem zachwycona lekkością i tym naturalnym zapachem róży :) wiem, jest z hydrolatu różanego :) bardzo się cieszę, że macie już krem, chociaż olejków Waszych używam z przyjemnością od lat !

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Cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E 30 ml

Cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E 30 ml

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