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Amyris essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml


Main uses:

* balance jumbled nerves
* soothe the mind
* massage
* tense muscles
* aphrodisiac
* ward off ticks

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Amyris tree oil is not among the top ten most popular essential oils, which is a shame!
Its range of properties and pleasant, delicate, woody fragrance make up its uniqueness.

Amyris oil is extracted from the wood and twigs of the evergreen amyris tree (Amyris balsamifera),
which grows mainly in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Today it is also grown in South America. For the production of this oil, broken branches of the aforementioned tree are usually used - and these are not difficult to find, due to the frequent hurricanes in those parts of the world.
The bark of this tree is characterized by a very high content of natural oil, so it burns easily - in the past it was eagerly used as a torch.
Amyris oil is sometimes confused with sandalwood oil - be careful, because these oils differ dramatically in chemical composition and properties.
They smell similar, yes - amyris is somewhat reminiscent of sandalwood. However, they are completely two different stories.

Amyris oil has properties:

- antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal,
- supporting the respiratory tract - it effectively deals with all infections and their symptoms (relieves coughing) - so it is an ideal companion in the autumn and winter,
- supporting peaceful sleep - wrapped in its delicate, beautiful aroma you will calm down and finally fall asleep,
- relaxing: relieves stress and anxiety, because the component of the oil is a chemical called valerianol (a component of valerian oil), which means that it positively affects neurons,
- calming - the aroma of the oil has a positive effect on the limbic system, calming our emotions and enhancing positive energy,
- cleansing - due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it works well as an addition to natural household cleaners,
- repelling insects, especially mosquitoes - added to a diffuser will effectively discourage insects from feasting on your body,
- antioxidant - takes care of your skin like no other; thanks to these properties, it repairs damage in the skin caused by an unhygienic lifestyle (e.g. cigarette smoking) and prevents the formation of new ones - eliminates wrinkles and renews the skin,
- pro-meditation - since it calms you down and puts you in a state of deep relaxation, it will be perfect as a meditation companion.

You can add it to a fireplace or diffuser to start aromatherapy, as well as inhale in the traditional way, adding a few drops of the oil to hot water (recommended especially for upper respiratory infections).

Add 10 drops of amyris oil to distilled water ( or regular mineral water.
Close in a glass bottle with an atomizer and before each use, shake to combine the mixture and then spray the space.

The oil is often used in cosmetics for mature skin.

INGREDIENTS: Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil

* Aromaetrapy product.

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Amyris essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml

Amyris essential oil 100% PREMIUM 5ml

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