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HEATING kit - essential oils for aromatherapy and sauna


A set of essential oils of a warming nature

* ginger
* black pepper
* grapefruit
* cinnamon.

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The oils were selected to be a support in inhalation during:

* cold, nausea, cold - ginger ( ideal for massage in combination with, for example, almond oil for rheumatic, muscular pains )
* migraines, inner restlessness, tendency to mood swings - grapefruit
* cold, throat inflammation, cough - cinnamon ( great for fighting cellulite - for this purpose, combine a few drops of cinnamon oil with the base oil in a massage, which attention! warms up :) also helpful in the form of massage for rheumatism.
* colds, cough, runny nose, headache, depression - black pepper ( it is impossible to pass over its inflammatory effect in the context of the bedroom )

For the winter time a combination of grapefruit ( 3 drops ) ginger ( 1 drop ) and cinnamon ( 2 drops ) will cleanse refresh and energize the space


place a few drops of one or more oils in an aromatherapy fireplace.

The oils of this set used individually or in any mixture make a great relaxing-sensual blend for use in the sauna.

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Na cellulit - genialne zestawienie!

To jest mega zestaw na cellulit i przeciwbólowo. Moja mam używa pieprzu na zmianę z żywokostem i to daje genialne efekty!

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HEATING kit - essential oils for aromatherapy and sauna

HEATING kit - essential oils for aromatherapy and sauna

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