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* acne, dermatitis
* hemorrhage
* abscesses, boils, wounds
* stimulates choleretic, liver tissues
* strong rejuvenating effect
* reduces wrinkles
* soothes anger
* puts thoughts in order

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Essential oil from the Italian blanket, or Helichrysum italicum - its essence of origin is contained in the Latin name itself.
Helios - sun, chrysum - gold. And indeed it is a golden elixir that nature has given us.
It smells a bit floral, earthy, sweet.
Another name for this plant is immortelle - known in ancient times, used by the Greeks and Romans, mainly for medicinal purposes.
It is not so easy to produce this oil. The process of formation requires great diligence. Of significance is the moment of collecting the flowers of the blanket - it must be the peak of their flowering. Then its yellow flowers are distilled with steam - it is important that this happens slowly, because only this way will ensure the highest quality of the oil and the right concentration of chemicals.

Inwhat situations is it worth using blanket essential oil?

- dermatitis, sensitive skin
- In the process of healing wounds, abscesses, boils, cuts
- To support immunity and strengthen the body - aromatherapy
- In anti-aging - blanket oil has the ability to promote skin cell regeneration.
-. In leveling the visibility of scars.
- liver congestion and followed
- In colds and upper respiratory tract infections.
- To improve mood, relax and calm nerves. Blossom oil has calming and soothing properties.

Blossom oil is called the golden elixir - not only does it have skin rejuvenating properties, it also strengthens the body, relieves pain and positively affects our vital energy.

Like most essential oils, blanket oil can also be used for inhalation (diluting with water in the bowl of a fireplace, using an inhaler or diffuser), as an additive to cosmetics and topically, accompanied by a base oil.

Depending on the need, the oil is used in compresses, masks, lotions and rubs.

INGREDIENTS: Helichrysum Italicum Flower Oil

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