A good night's sleep...fleas for the night, a relaxing mist for a good night's sleep
  • A good night's sleep...fleas for the night, a relaxing mist for a good night's sleep

Good night...flea relaxing mist for night 100 ml


Goodnight ...flea night mist

is the continuation of the mixture "for sleep" in the form of an easy-to-use spray for use anywhere.

- Don't have a diffuser? - mist does not require it
- Going on a trip? - in a new place mist will help you to relax
- Have you had a very tiring day and the crowd of thoughts does not allow you to fall asleep? - Mist will be just right!
- Your child excited about playing has trouble falling asleep? Mist will help him to relax.

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Good night... flea night
100% natural mist to help you fall asleep.

We created as an alternative to essential blender


You don't need to have a diffuser to prepare your space for rest, well, and sometimes on the go it comes in handy too :)

It's the relaxing power of aromatherapy that invokes sleep and relaxes on a molecular level:

- alleviates periodic insomnia
- makes it easier to fall asleep and makes sleep better
- helps to relax and calm down
- helps to reduce accumulated stress

Everyone is well aware that sleep deficiency or disruption of its quality or rhythm results primarily in disruption of the nervous system and periodic insomnia.
Sleep-deprived people are usually:
- distracted and nervous
- they have problems with maintaining concentration ( then neither work nor study goes as expected ;)
- they have problems with memorization
- reaction speed decreases significantly ( important when watching a child or driving )
- sleep deficiency also results in greater susceptibility to stress and weakened immunity.

In order to prevent this from happening we need, and maybe even require, a healthy sleep. It is sleep that gives our body the opportunity to "reset" itself. To make it easier to fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep, we reached for the power of aromatherapy and created a mist to help you fall asleep using carefully selected essential oils*.

What can you find in INCI?

Lavender oil - because more than one scientific study shows that it has invaluable calming and sleep-inducing properties, and extends the duration of the NREM phase. Simply put, it makes sleep deep, strong and uninterrupted by wakefulness. It is very good against insomnia, lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, reduces anxiety and depression.

Oil oflemon balm - has calming properties. And the smell of lemon balm itself helps to lower the heart rate, and thus relieve the effects of perceived stress. So, lemon balm will simply allow us to relax before falling asleep.

Frankincense Oil - its balmy, warm scent gently calms and helps you relax, in addition to making it easier to fall asleep.

Orange Oil - is often used supportively in the treatment of anxiety. Recommended for hyperactive people who need calming. It is known for its tonic and relaxing properties.

When and how to use the mist ?

* At any time and place, whenever sleep does not come
* When you know yourself and know that the emotions of the past day will make it difficult for you to calm down
* Spray the space around you, prepare the space for relaxation
* Spray the bedding ( check beforehand on a small piece, but the oils SA natural so they should not stain the material.

* We do not emphasize at every step the naturalness of oils because every essential oil is natural. Otherwise it would not be an essential oil, but simply a fragrance oil.

* and one more thing... did your mother also tell you that it is necessary to sleep, because in sleep the baby grows? :)

Well.... good night ...fleas for the night .... who knows the next part, feel free to comment under the product :)

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relaks ma teraz swój zapach :)

Piękna kompozycja, lubię jak towarzyszy mi przy zasypianiu, ale też po przyjściu do domu spryskuję pokój i od razu mi lepiej :)


sam ten zapach już mnie relaksuje

Piękna kompozycja, nienachalna, przemyślana i bardzo przyjemna w odbiorze. Bardzo mi się podoba :)


super! polecam!

moi synowie sami proszą żeby wieczorem "psiknąć" , a swoją drogą bardzo miły zapach. Dla mnie najważniejsze że tworzą go naturalne olejki eteryczne. Dziękuję.


Juz się zakochałam na zabój!

Naprawdę udana kompozycja! Piękny relaksacyjny zapach, a wogóle to piękny w pomieszczeniu :)


Zakochałam się :)

Cudowna ta mgiełka, ten zapach tak mnie relaksuje że w sumie wole nie zasypiać żeby cieszyć się jak najdłużej tym aromatem :)

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Good night...flea relaxing mist for night 100 ml

Good night...flea relaxing mist for night 100 ml

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