Melissa essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml


* insomnia
* nervous tension
* anxiety
* hyperactivity
* depression
* facilitates falling asleep.

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Melissa is a popular herb from our gardens, which is easy to grow and grows very quickly.
The famous medic Paracelsus wrote this about it:
"... the essence of melissa served in wine every morning will refresh your youth, strengthen your mind and renew your weakening body."
Beloved by bees, and no wonder because the name itself in Greek melitta means bee and in Latin mel means honey.

Melissa contains volatile oil, flavonoids tannins, triterpenes, organic acids, phenolacids, vitamin C and mineral salts.

In aromatherapy it is used for:

* bronchitis
* asthma
* anxiety
* irritability
* insomnia

In cosmetic preparations used for hyperpigmentation, but also revitalizing and firming.
Pleasant citrus scent makes any treatment with lemon balm extremely pleasant :)

* check individual reaction to the product before use

INGREDIENTS: Melissa Officinalis Leaf

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15 ml

Relaksuje i pięknie pachnie

Nie ma niczego co tak dobrze wpływa na mój nastrój, nawet lawenda nie daje rady ;D


Głęboki relaks

Melisę piję, melisę wdycham i melisą się smaruję :) jestem fanką i pozostanę. Super jakość!

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Melissa essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

Melissa essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

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