Palo Santo incense PREMIUM 7 pieces


Handmade premium quality incense made from Palo Santo.
The blend of Palo Santo sawdust and resin gives an exceptionally strong aroma.
Contains no synthetic substances

* Burning time of one incense is about 1 hour.

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One of the most popular incense with a wide range of uses - here - in the form of very efficient, hand-rolled sticks.

Palo Santo or Sacred Tree.
For centuries it has been used in shamanic medicine in various rituals.
The aroma of this tree helps to get rid of heavy thoughts, improves energy flow and restores harmony.
It is an indispensable remedy for cleansing a space where negative emotions have taken place.
Often used during meditation.
Its pleasant wood-fresh aroma is a great way to aromatize a space.

Method of use:

Set the incense on fire, preferably in a natural way i.e. with a match, then blow out the flame.
Place in a container with salt or sand in a vertical position ( then it burns slower and is more efficient ) or in a suitable ladle horizontally.
Make sure to ventilate the room where the incense is burned and do not leave it unattended.
Since the incense is very efficient, even a minute of burning is enough for the fragrance to permeate all corners.

The incense should be extinguished by placing the glowing tip, for example, in a container of salt.

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cudowny intensywny zapach!


super intensywne!

polecam, bo to mocny produkt


bardzo wydajne i mocne!

piękny mocny zapach i czuć jego moc

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Palo Santo incense PREMIUM 7 pieces

Palo Santo incense PREMIUM 7 pieces

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