ROSE natural perfume in cream
  • ROSE natural perfume in cream

ROSE natural perfume in cream


ROSE - sensual rose

  • without alcohol
  • on natural plant extracts
  • lasting fragrance
  • not tested on animals
  • recycled packaging
  • each box is an intricate handiwork
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Rose already has a permanent circle of its admirers, it is the quintessence of class and elegance. Already the precursor of natural cosmetics, Cleopatra, appreciated the unique properties of rose oil. The sensual aroma of rose will delight all supporters of this iconic fragrance.


  • tea tree oil as a preservative
  • wheat germ oil (vitamin E)
  • aloe vera extract
  • beeswax
  • vegetable waxes
  • essence

A unique form of perfume in cream in an unconventional box made of rosewood or acacia wood. The base of the perfume is natural plant waxes. Thanks to the screw-on box, the perfume can always accompany us in our handbag. This is an unusual combination of elegance, functionality and safe cosmetic.

Collector's item


We have no influence on the color of the wood in which the perfume is packed. This is an artisan product and each fragrance is placed in the jar according to the fantasy of our friends from India at the moment ;)

Don't know the scent?
before you order a full-priced product, we suggest ordering a sample :)
You will be sure ( sure) that you order what you like and you won't have to (have to) think about who to give it to as a gift ;)
Ordering samples also reduces returns that generate a carbon footprint and product waste.
Each sample is a product that consists of material, electricity, ink, labor and time, so we are committed to using them efficiently.
This is a mini product but very valuable :)
Together let's take care, at least a little, of our environment :)

Product Details

Data sheet

6 g

piękna róża

zawsze i wszędzie !


Piękny naturalny zapch

Mam zawsze przy sobie i jak tylko mam ochotę nakładam i pachnę :)


Piękny zmysłowy zapach

Jako fanka róży, jestem zachwycona! nie tylko zapachem ale i formą pięknego podania. Towarzyszy mi zawsze w torebce, chociaż zapach utrzymuje się bardzo długo :)



Jako fanka róży, jestem zachwycona :) Długo się utrzymuje i jest piękna!



i w końcu wróciła po długiej nieobecności! Mam na zapas :)

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ROSE natural perfume in cream

ROSE natural perfume in cream

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