Olej z nasion ogórka 30 ml


Who has used slices of fresh cucumber in the form of a mask knows :)

* improve the skin around the eyes
* dry skin
* problematic skin
* hyperpigmentation
* mature and sensitive skin.

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...but not only :)

Cold pressed cucumber oil is a source of valuable ingredients for beauty and health.

Each of us has applied slices of fresh cucumber to the eyes to eliminate puffiness, make the eye look fresh and the skin has no dark circles - right? ;) Our grandmothers rubbed their hands with cucumber peelings to eliminate the so-called age spots.
But the possibilities of cucumber are much greater, and now you can quite conveniently use it in the form of oil.

The smell of cucumber oil is very delicate and pleasant - this is where we start our care.
The first sense - smell - taken care of.
Interestingly, cucumber seed oil is rich in EFAs, or essential fatty acids.
Our body can't produce them on its own, and it badly needs them to function - that's why we mainly look for them in food, but they are also found in cosmetics - for which the skin repays us with a healthy appearance and natural glow.
Cucumber oil in its composition also has valuable linolenic acid (Omega-3) and linoleic acid (Omega-6), as well as vitamins C and B1, mineral salts, some trace elements (iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium), as well as minerals and tocopherols.

Its most important advantages are:

- anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action,
- improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles,
- cleanses and moisturizes the skin,
- delays skin aging processes,
- accelerates regenerative processes,
- is very helpful in alleviating acne
- it is worth using around the eyes - it is quickly absorbed, nullifies swelling and dark circles,
- lightens skin tone, so it is an ideal remedy for discoloration resulting from hormonal changes during pregnancy or after too much exposure to the sun, and also copes with scars after acne treatments,
- will work for all skin types, especially for sensitive, delicate, polluted skin.

To reap the precious ingredients that cold-pressed cucumber seed oil has in it, you can:

- add it to your favorite serum, cream or lotion - it can also be a base,
- use it directly on the skin of the face and body as a substitute for cream (also combine it with another oil),
- supplement a clay mask with it,
- use it as an oil serum under the eyes,
- add it to the bath and thus moisturize the whole body,
- use it for massage, e.g.. face - the valuable ingredients will be better absorbed,
- use it directly on the hair for oiling,
- apply it to the ends of the hair to protect them from the harmful effects of external factors,


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Fajnie się wchłania, cera wygładzona i wydaje mi się, że przebarwienia mniej widoczne po miesiącu stosowania ...

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Olej z nasion ogórka 30 ml

Olej z nasion ogórka 30 ml

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