Rosewood essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

  • massage
  • aromatherapy
  • bath
  • antibacterial
  • depression, apathy
  • harmonization of the mind
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Rosewood not only entices with its sweetly woody aroma, but is also known for the many therapeutic benefits it provides. It is one of the leading essential oils used during weakness, fatigue and even anxiety and depression.

In addition, it is successfully used for inflammatory skin conditions known as acne including rosacea and other inflammatory skin lesions.

It is an oil that also induces a state of relaxation and relaxation, which is why it is often used during meditation, breathing exercises or yoga.


  • Massage: for nervous tension, stress, apathy, depression, we recommend using a few drops on the base oil (argan, jojoba) 5-10 drops of bergamot essence for every 10 ml of base oil
  • Bath: for seborrhea, oily skin, ulcers, impetigo, inflammation of the external genital organs, tension, stress.

Add 5-7 drops per tub of water in combination with a base oil such as almond oil (bath time up to 15 minutes)

  • Inhalation: for inflammation of the throat, depression, apathy,

1-2 drops of oil add to a pot of hot water, cover the head with a towel and inhale with eyes closed for 2-5 minutes, or in an aromatherapy fireplace.

Compresses: for acne, inflammation of the skin

Added as a substitute for washing machine rinse, great for disinfecting bedding and linens ! (just a few drops are enough for this purpose) Effectively combines with citrus (orange, grapefruit).

* check individual skin reaction to the product before use

INCI: Dalbergia Sissoo Wood

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15 ml

Używam! Polecam!

Parę kropli na olej arganowy i robię ekskluzywny zabieg na twarz! Super efekt!


Nie ma lepszego masażu !

niż z tym olejkiem. Skóra jest świetnie ujędrniona, elastyczna i ...pachnąca orientem... re we la cja!


Elegancja i głębia :)

Mój ulubieniec :) nie znam drugiego tak zmysłowego olejku, robię z niego perfumy, które trwają w nieskończoność!


Kraina marzeń...

Piękny prawdziwy aromat drzewa różnego! Trwały i urzekający głębią

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Rosewood essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

Rosewood essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME! 15 ml

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