Cayeput essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

  • cough
  • colds
  • acne
  • blemishes
  • repellent
  • disinfection
  • rheumatic pains
  • dandruff
  • hair loss
  • expectorant
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Cajeput essential oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Cajeput tree, which belongs to the Myrtle family; its leaves are spear-shaped and have a white branch. Cajeput oil is native to Southeast Asia and is also known in North America as tea tree. Both oils have similar effects, although Cajeput is less well known.

Cajeput oil is used for coughs, colds and bacterial and fungal infections.

It is used in hair care products because it has antibacterial properties that eliminate dandruff and itching of the scalp.
It is also known to reduce acne.
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and is used in ointments and pain relief lotions.
Cayeput essential oil is also a natural insect repellent and is used to make disinfectants.

Properties of cayeput oil used in cosmetics:

Contains antibacterial compounds that form a healthy protective layer against free radicals and bacteria that dull oily and shine-prone skin.

Reduces skin spots and discoloration .

Reducedacne: has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help fight acne and reduce its recurrence.

Reduces dandruff: has antibacterial properties that nurture the scalp and reduce dandruff. It also provides deep nourishment to treat dry scalp and treat inflammation of the scalp.

Reduced hair loss: pure Cajeput oil cleanses the scalp of bacteria and removes itching, which reduces hair loss. It moisturizes the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Fights skin infections: it is antibacterial in nature, fights skin infections, psoriasis, eczema, scabies, rashes and redness, etc. It also provides an extra layer of protection against bacteria and reduces skin discoloration. It also fights fungal infections.

Pain relief: contains the chemical compound Cineole, which provides warmth and relieves itching. Its anti-inflammatory effect also reduces symptoms of rheumatism and pains of other origins, immediately after topical application.

Natural expectorant: it has been used mainly as an expectorant that clears congestion in the chest, nose and respiratory organs. When inhaled, it removes mucus and bacteria and promotes better breathing.

Better Concentration: the minty aroma of cayeput oil refreshes the mind and provides better focus and concentration.

Disinfectant: its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties make it a natural disinfectant.
It can be used as a disinfectant for floors, pillowcases, beds, etc.

It is also a natural insect repellent.


* in a diffuser for inhalation
* in combination with base oils ( almond, rice, grapeseed) as rubs, for massage, for baths
* as an additive to cream, oil or shampoo ( depending on the purpose).

INGREDIENTS: Melaleuca Leucadendron Cajuputi Leaf Oil

* essential oil should not be applied directly to the skin.
* check individual reaction to the oil before use.

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Cayeput essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

Cayeput essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME 15 ml

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