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Natural essential oils - travel kit



  • tea tree 15 ml
  • eucalyptus 15 ml
  • oregano 15 ml
  • lemongrass 15 ml

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This unique go set is a ready-made panacea for most of the surprises that can befall any traveler or vacationer.

They take up little space and can make your trip a success in surprising ways.


* effective after bites from mosquitoes, horse fly wasps and other insects. Apply tea tree immediately after a bite. It also has an antipruritic effect


* strong disinfectant and disinfectant properties can be used to adapt the space in which we will live. A few drops diluted in water will be an effective remedy for washing, countertops, bathroom or floor. For greater effectiveness, you can add harbacious tree.

* kills bad odor in the toilet.


* if our winged vacation companions fly around ( mosquitoes) is an effective repellent. It can be applied directly to the skin, or a few drops can be combined with a base oil ( such as almond oil), or pour water and a few drops of essential oil into an atomizer bottle.


* strongly antiseptic properties and known effectiveness against viruses, is a natural antibiotic and a barrier to many bacteria. Burning pure oregano on emerging herpes is a known way to control it. Oregano is also used for colds, inflammation and viral conditions

A MUST HAVE on any trip !

* check individual skin reaction to oils before using.

Shamas "three cents"

The above kit is our indispensable companion, not only on vacation, but wherever we meet you during the summer :) Insiders know that in addition to this kit, we are accompanied by PATCHOULI essential oil . Not only is it a great repellent, it soothes bites as they happen and has an anti-itching effect.

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15 ml

Dokładam pomarańczę i jest idealnie!

To super zestaw, ostatnio w wynajmowanym domku był problem z kanalizacją i dzięki olejkom uratowałam sytuację ;) nie spodziewałam się że do tego się przydadzą ale to naprawdę wielofunkcyjne narzędzie :D


Nie tylko na wakacje

super jakość, używam i polecam!


Świetny zestaw!

Już wcześniej go sobie wymyśliłam :) tylko jeszcze dołożyłam lawendę, bo też odstrasza owady i odkażam nią i kocham zapach :)


Bez nich nie ruszam się!!!

To zestaw must have!!!

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Natural essential oils - travel kit

Natural essential oils - travel kit

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