Myrrh essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME ! 15 ml


A valuable oil with a wide range of uses, one of the gifts in the biblical story.

* antiseptic
* antifungal
* tonic
* expectorant.

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Myrrh is an aromatic resin extracted from trees and shrubs like the Commiphora Myrrha Engler balsam tree.
In Hebrew mor means bitter.
In ancient times it was used both as a medicine, cosmetic and for embalming corpses ( Egypt ).
Today in perfumery it is used as a fragrance fixative, but also in medicine it finds its place.

Already the Egyptians were able to take advantage of the multitude of its properties. In aromatherapy, for example, it was used as an incense to disinfect rooms and prevent the development of microorganisms. Therefore, its antifungal, antibacterial properties are eagerly used to this day.

With its warm resinous notes, when used as a perfume ingredient, it has a stunning effect on the senses. As an essential oil used in aromatherapy, it calms, tranquilizes, brings balance, and helps in meditation.

As one of the valuable components of KYPHI or fragrance composition, which included calamus, juniper, wine, raisins, turpentine, myrrh and just myrrh.

This mixture constituted the status of the Egyptian inhabitant and was used for two purposes:
for embalming corpses and perfuming ( both body and space ).

In modern times, the aromatherapeutic use of myrrh:

* alleviating painful menstruation
* antiseptic, antifungal
* bringing harmony to the mind and even spiritual connections during meditation.

As you begin your journey with mysterious myrrh, expect new experiences and the unknown :)

* check individual reaction to the oil before use

INGREDIENTS: Commiphora Myrrha

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15 ml

Piękny żywiczy o wysokiej wibracji!

Cudny zapach, świetna jakość :)


Świetna jakość!

Uzależniający aromat... robię z niego balsam do ciała i jestem zachwycona :)

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Myrrh essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME ! 15 ml

Myrrh essential oil 100% LARGE VOLUME ! 15 ml

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