PERRMEHYIA botanical fragrance - patchouli


Botanical fragrance in a glass bottle with roll-on system hiding the scent of mysterious and dark Patchouli

15 ml

49.00 zł
Tax included


PERRMEHYIA or patchouli...she needs no introduction.... a strong, dark, herbal and woody note attracts lovers of niche fragrances.
It has its circle of faithful admirers, as well as declared opponents.

This is a fragrance for a select few :) and it is impossible to say about it .... like ...
Patchouli you either love or hate, there are no half-measures here.

As patchouli fans we had to create this fragrance, and you? Which group do you belong to? ;)

* collector's item
INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis seed oil, Pogostemon Cablin Leaf Oil

Product Details

super męski perfum

to jest to! polecam i więcej męskich wydań poproszę!


No i to jest perfum!

Paczula w czystej postaci i żadna inna nuta mi nie przeszkadza w jej kontemplowaniu :) dzieki!

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PERRMEHYIA botanical fragrance - patchouli

PERRMEHYIA botanical fragrance - patchouli

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