Blush - relationship fostering mist 100 ml



doesn't it sound inviting ;)

Unusual selection of oils in our blend plays out a masterful play in which the characters push, rub, explode and all this to stun and creep into the senses of the one in whose proximity they find themselves ...

Blushes we created for all those who are looking and being, for curiosity and intrigue and finally to appear ...blushes :)

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Are you wondering how this is possible? Does fragrance influence this sphere of life?
A blend of essential oils of great quality ( that matters ) selected into a bouquet of aphrodisiacs that dance with each other shouting silent phrases of delight.

Fragrance exerts a strong influence on our evaluation of objects and also people.
Various scents envelop us, swirl around us, penetrate our bodies and emanate from them.
We are constantly in a bath of scents, but when we try to describe any of them, we run out of words.

Using Blush, words will not be needed, the situation will work itself out and the fragrance will forever evoke pleasant memories.

How to use Blush?

* spray the space around you
* spray a handkerchief and put it in your purse, or pocket
* spray the curtains, if you are in the room
* use your imagination ;)

What are the most interesting oils included in the blend?

* Patchouli - who else does not know that it is one of the most famous aphrodisiacs?;)
* Ylang-Ylang - another sensual ingredient that seduces not only women
* Neroli - relaxes the situation and normalizes emotions
* Rosewood - a spicy woody-floral aroma, has no equal in stimulating the senses

For the record :)

* blend for external use, aromatherapy

* in the description I used excerpts from the book "Natural History of the Senses" by Diane Ackerman.

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robi robotę!

Nie wiem jakim cudem, ale to naprawdę fajnie robi klimat... ;)

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Blush - relationship fostering mist 100 ml

Blush - relationship fostering mist 100 ml

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The unconventional selection of oils in our blend plays out a masterful play in which the ...

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