Three robbers - aromatherapy mist for cleansing space 100 ml


A well-known blend of essential oils now in a form that allows use without a diffuser.

Three robbers in a mist!

* don't have a diffuser? and you don't have to!
* you're going on a trip and you don't know who used the room before? prepare the space with a mist
* you're at work and a colleague sneezes? clear the space so you don't join her and by the way she will benefit too :)
* you're going to bed after a day of meeting people? " just in case" spray your bedroom before going to bed.

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Three robbers... essential oils in the form of a natural mist with a spray bottle!

It's a funky solution and an alternative to the blender you already know very well:

You don't have to have a diffuser to cleanse the space of uninvited micro guests.
It's worth using both during the day and before bedtime, and you can also take it on a business trip or vacation.
It's a blend that's worth having "on hand" and doesn't require a diffuser.

What oils does the blend contain? first of all pure essential oils of high quality !
These include:

* clove oil: cough, cold, asthma, muscle and joint pain, antiseptic effect.

* lemon oil : tonification, disinfection, antiseptic effect.

* cinnamon oil: antiviral, antibacterial, windburn, colds, flu,

* eucalyptus oil: upper respiratory tract infections, mucus thinning and expulsion.

* rosemary oil: asthma, bronchitis, antiseptic.

Synergistic action of oils is known for its effectiveness in action. Personally, I have always used a blend, but I realized that the mist form is more practical, because I can apply it in any space and under any circumstances, whenever I need :) and already a few sneezes "in a row" arouses my increased attention ;)

* aromatherapy product

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bardzo dobry pomysł!

Tej mieszanki w tej formie mi brakowało! Często wyjeżdżam i lubię przygotować sobie przestrzeń pokoju hotelowego po swojemu. To świetne rozwiązanie na teraz kiedy więcej wirusów krąży, bo zazwyczaj do tej pory towarzyszyła mi mgiełka dobranoc...



Będę miała na wyjazdy, bo tego mi brakowało w hotelach! Lubię mieć poczucie, że pokój jest zdezynfekowany czymś naturalnym a ten zestaw mam sprawdzony!

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Three robbers - aromatherapy mist for cleansing space 100 ml

Three robbers - aromatherapy mist for cleansing space 100 ml

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