The origin of this sentence is still under discussion, but it is a curse rather than a blessing.
It seems to be synonymous with instability, unpredictability, unexpected changes, difficult decisions and a general excess of information that makes us "not ourselves".

With all this, I have the impression that time is speeding up (what about the theory that time does not exist?)
Or maybe it depends on us how time will behave?
Will we try to tame him? or better… tame? ;)

Let's start with the action that must happen, and that is sleep.
Sleep is of great importance for our productivity and well-being during the day ...
Its low quality increases stress reactions. Unfortunately, this causes our adrenal glands to secrete cortisol, which in turn may interrupt sleep or prevent you from going to bed early.

Here are some best practices to help you fall asleep:

• Open the window and blow oxygen into the bedroom, take a few conscious breaths, then exhale slowly
• Don't watch TV or check the phone right before going to bed
• Make yourself a herbal infusion, such as verbena, lemon balm or chamomile.
• Do you have a bathtub? Prepare an aromatic bath
• Do you have a shower? Use soap with essential oils
• Take care of galloping thoughts, they will go to the trot and then to the walk - a book can help with this. Reading wonderfully puts you to sleep :)

Or you can use the power of aromatherapy and place a diffuser in your bedroom with essential oil to help you fall asleep or a blend, such as "Good night ... fleas for the night".
You don't have a device? And we have a solution for this;) in the form of a mist that you can spray on bedding or pajamas in which you sleep.

And be sure to position the bed so that…. oh, this is a topic for another article;)

* if you have your proven methods and they are no secret, share them with us so that we can all take care of ourselves even more :)

Anyway, what do you most often associate peace with?

... me personally ... with carefree time, childhood, security - including financial time spent with animals and surrounded by nature, with taste, and even just! bedtime!

If we already know how to take care of a healthy sleep, let's check other ways.
So how to restore balance to our lives?
Contrary to appearances, you can do great things with small steps, so we start with the simplest :) the ones that we can easily weave into everyday life, in which we will find joy and pleasure.

You have a dog? Take him for a walk, but not as an obligation. Look your pet in the eyes, don't rush it, let it smell every stone and tree - it's his time, it's your time.
Do you have a forest nearby? Park? You will also benefit.
Breathe consciously, deeply, give yourself fresh oxygen.
Breathe the light, breathe in the beautiful surroundings, think how little oxygen bubbles travel from the nostrils to the lungs, how they push, roll ... maybe they are racing? And then, together with the blood, they reach every cell in your body, carrying new energy ... participate in it :)
Breathe in joy, breathe out what you do not need, what weighs you down, what you want to free yourself from.

Or maybe you have a cat? We have a Redhead, his name is Shaman and there is no greater pleasure than hugging this beautiful Fur. Playing with a cat can be engaging and bring a lot of joy :) Cats are very creative animals, so I try to constantly invent new games for him, which is absorbing and very relaxing 

And now the method to "save time"
Do you have split attention? Maybe you will make a few calls during cooking, for example?
We women are skilled at this, right? I follow only one rule in this matter, not to call important people on the occasion, but on purpose. Even for a short time, but then I only focus on talking to this person.

And something that you can make a real celebration every day :)
No, it's not about a quick morning coffee;)
Make yourself a tea drinking celebration. We drink a lot of tea, we like it with real herbs, so verbena, mint or lemon balm often end up in it. Or masala - we love oriental climates and now in winter they will have a special taste, so such tea with almond milk, cinnamon stick, cardamom, clove and, if you like, anise, sweetened with eg agave syrup ... mmmm.

Does it sound appealing?
The most important thing is to use a special, festive ritual. This is supposed to be a quiet time.
If you want, you can dress up exceptionally, or wrap it up in your favorite blanket and in a beautiful one
(but not the usual one) mug or cup to relax.
If interesting reading comes to this - guaranteed rest.
Look, it doesn't have to be 2 hours, but half is something, and it's always better than nothing.
If not every day, maybe on two selected days of the week? It will be even more special :)

There are an infinite number of such simple methods and it all depends on our ingenuity and mindfulness, because every action can be performed with diligence and attention or just anyhow.

In addition, the reward system works not only for children, but also makes life easier for adults;)
For example, after working "in the field", which usually takes a few days (you know, when we meet you in person), we love to lie in a bathtub with Epson salt and some essential oil after returning
(remember to put the essential oil in some cold-pressed oil, it can be e.g. rice or almond oil) We think about it all the way home;)

And exactly, referring to essential oils. There is no better, faster or simpler method to relax with aromatherapy. After all, essential oils have been known for thousands of years and we know perfectly well that the fragrance can soothe, stimulate, inflame or cool ...

To take care of mental hygiene, let's use the already mentioned aromatherapy for this.
With the help of an aromatherapy fireplace or a special ultrasonic diffuser, we can easily give our space the scent of the selected oil.
We can then choose one favorite fragrance or a ready blend appropriately aimed at calming down, adding energy, and even improving thinking ...
If you use a fireplace, remember to light a candle made of natural wax - even soy or rapeseed - and put it out after 15-20 minutes, and repeat this operation after an hour.
This will help reduce oil overheating as much as possible with this method.

And here is a recipe for our relaxing bath :)

• Prepare a tablespoon of oil, such as sweet almond oil - it can be more elegant, and the base oil can be fig opuntia seed oil - and add the recommended amount of drops for the essential oil.
Our loved ones are orange, mandarin, rosewood, lemon balm, pine, fir - you choose yours :)
• If you have dried flower petals (whole mixtures are available at herbalists), be sure to add them too
• We cannot run out of Epson salt
• And now! we start relaxing ... aha, combined with a book and something delicious to drink, this is the best SPA under the sun :)

If you want and can, wear your favorite relaxing fragrance always with you or on yourself.
Use essential oil on your car windshield wipers or have a handkerchief with a few drops in your purse.

And if you want the aroma to always be with you, botanical fragrances will be perfect.

The topic of stress and how to send it back with a receipt is extensive, so the next part is coming soon.
You will learn more about what symptoms stress can cause and how to counteract them. There will be a bit more about specific oils and blends.
I will describe the self-massage step by step.
I will also present some important rules for the use of aromatic oils.
Are you curious?

And there will be a hint in the field of feng shui - feel free to check us out :)