Makeup removal cocktail with green tea for dry, sensitive and delicate skin


Makeup Removal Cocktail is a proprietary product that effectively washes away makeup, removes impurities and properly conditions the skin.

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OCM or Oil Cleaning Method. A method of cleansing the skin with oils.

Cocktail for makeup removal and cleansing of dry, prone to irritation, delicate and so-called paper skin.
Author's composition of oils that not only effectively remove makeup and cleanse the skin, but also take care of its appearance and health with a delicate scent of green tea:)

The most important ingredients of the cocktail and why exactly these?

Almond oil: gentle, easily absorbed with a large amount of oleic ( slows down the aging process of the skin, protects against water loss ), linoleic ( moisturizes, eliminates discoloration ), palmitic and stearic acids, which are responsible, among others, for protection against external factors. Almond oil is also an accumulation of vitamins PP, D, A and C.
This is an extraordinary oil with a whole spectrum of benefits for the skin and, in addition, so light and gentle that it should be the basis of care.

Macadamia oil, which belongs to the group of light oils, shows great bio-compatibility. It firms, softens, regenerates and delays the effects of time. A miracle not an oil :)

Green tea oil, it could not be missing here because its nurturing properties are already a legend in Asia!
Rich in oleic acid, it moisturizes brilliantly and prevents water loss.

Castor oil. Don't be fooled, because its nature is very oily, but it's just an appearance because in action it is unparalleled.
It's great at pulling impurities out of the skin and its ability to penetrate the skin helps collagen production, which makes the skin soft, regains firmness and so wrinkles don't stand a chance!

Vitamin E, also known as the vitamin of youth. It's hard to count its benefits, but the most important ones are great in our cocktail for dry skin. It firms, moisturizes, smoothens and slows down the skin aging process. It supports skin regeneration after sun exposure and makes the skin bind water better.

How to use the cocktail:

Soak a cotton ball ( preferably reusable) in warm water.
Apply 2-3 doses with a pump to a cotton ball
Using circular motions, wash off the entire face

You can also apply the oil to your hands, massage and then wash with warm water.

The principle of fat attracts fat works perfectly in this case, and in this way the skin is not only cleansed but also in great condition.

Should you still wash the skin with soap after oil cleansing?
Personally, I do it from time to time depending on what the skin "says" ;)
If you feel that you still want to wash the skin, then of course yes, but it does not have to be the rule.

* check individual skin reaction to the product before use


Product Details

Mam mam mam i polecam serdecznie!

Jestem wierna klientką, kocham Wasze produkty a koktajl jest jednym z nich. Fajnie że nie zamgławia oczu , to ważne! skóra jest po nim aksamitna i super ujędrniona, bo ja nim też masaż płytką Gu sha robię :)


świetnie działa!

Nie tylko skutecznie zmywa makijaż ale skóra po nim jest piękna, rozświetlona i dobrze nawilżona. Aha! i uwielbiam ten zapach :)


Świetny produkt!

Używam i polecam, bo pięknie czyści nie tylko skórę ale i makijaż oczu! Zrobiłam jak Pani poleca, po oczyszczeniu tylko hydrolat i jestem zaskoczona pozytywnym efektem :)


tego szukałam

Dziękuję za dobranie i szkolenie z używania :) teraz to najlepszy kosmetyk ostatnich czasów jaki wpadł mi w ręce!


piękny delikatny zapach, super skład

Polecam, a mało co polecam, bo mało co mi tak bardzo odpowiada. Od konsystencji, poprzez zapach aż po efekt. Bałam się że może być za ciężko, ale to naprawdę super forma demakijażu, pięknie domywa a buzia po nim jest gładka, jędrna i rozświetlona, Bardzo mi się podoba :)


Bardzo łatwo zmywa makijaż!

Super pielęgnacja i faktycznie wystarcza bez dodatkowych produktów! polecam bardzo :)


ależ przyjemny demakijaż

Polecam, bo rzeczywiście domywa, oczy nie łzawią i nie są zamglone, już uwielbiam!

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Makeup removal cocktail with green tea for dry, sensitive and delicate skin

Makeup removal cocktail with green tea for dry, sensitive and delicate skin

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