Vascular skin

What characterizes vascular skin?

Vascular skin is delicate and prone to irritation accompanied by burning.
Whether we like it or not, vascular skin is one of the most problematic when it comes to its needs and complexity of care.
It is extremely sensitive and delicate at the same time.
It requires a special care approach to regain its condition, and applies to every basic skin type. So, we can have dry, oily or combination skin with the problem of fragile, inflexible blood vessels, and consequently, bursting blood vessels and persistent erythema.

How to take care of vascular skin?

To avoid discomfort, we must take care to properly moisturize the skin and seal blood vessels. It is worth avoiding irritating cosmetics. If facial gel - then without fine particles, peeling - only enzymatic. Before making a purchase decision, take a closer look at the composition of a particular product. Vascular skin needs gentleness and delicacy.

What to look for in vascular skin care?

Let's start with the simplest idea. Vascular skin likes the soothing power of aloe vera gel. Soothing is what is worth giving to skin so hyperactive.
And how to deal with capillaries? Here flavonoids that strengthen the walls of vessels come to the rescue. Vitamin C not only strengthens the vessels, but also unifies the skin tone and restores a youthful glow.
Witch hazel improves lymphatic circulation, and has antibacterial, refreshing and anti-inflammatory effects.

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