Squalane from olives 30 ml

  • very sensitive, delicate skin
  • dehydrated skin
  • loss of skin firmness
  • make-up removal
  • regeneration of the flabby skin
  • small wrinkles
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Squalane is a unique, active substance, a squalene derivative, colorless and odorless. It was discovered during a study by Japanese scientists that showed a large amount of squalene in the shark's liver, which gives it the opportunity to live at great depths where there is no light, large amounts of oxygen and the temperature is extremely low.

Fortunately, this is a thing of the past and now SKWALAN is obtained from plants. It is an extremely valuable oily substance with a light texture, fat-soluble.

Squalene is part of the intercellular binder as well as a component of the protective lipid layer that is produced by the sebaceous glands.

This is a very valuable ingredient, which has been gradually decreasing since the age of 25.

    oxygenates the skin
    carries active substances deep into the skin
    helps lighten scars
    protects against water evaporation
    strong antioxidant
    promotes healing of minor skin damage
    does not clog pores
    softens and regenerates the skin
    retains moisture in the hair


* Before applying, check the individual skin response to the oil

Squalane is ideally suited to your favorite make-up remover (even your eyes). It will be a great addition to your favorite oil for all skin types and also in combination with hyaluronic acid.
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Data sheet

30 ml

Idealny do demakijażu, super lekki!

Zużyłam juz kolejna buteleczkę, bo to moje odkrycie w kwestii demakijażu. Na mokry wacik nakładam kilka kropli, przykładam i delikatnie ścieram - no poezja!


Delikatny i super nawilża

Polecam, pieknie się wchłania i naprawdę skóra jest po nim piękna i można robić makijaż :)


Dla mojej skóry idealny!

Lekki, łatwo się wchłania. Mieszam z jojoba pod makijaż. Świetnie trzyma makijaż :)


Lekki, super wchłanianie!

Co za świetny produkt, delikatny, łatwo się wchłania :) Łączę go też z hydrolatem różanym do demakijażu oczu.

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Squalane from olives 30 ml

Squalane from olives 30 ml

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