• Tamanu oil - green perfection
  • Tamanu oil - green perfection

Tamanu oil - green perfection

  • skin dehydrated, tired
  • acne skin
  • burns, wounds
  • tinea of the feet and nails
  • skin problems

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Tamanu is gaining increasingly more fans due to its broad spectrum of application. Certainly, what influences its popularity is not only its application in folk medicine but also numerous scientific studies confirming its effectiveness in soothing fresh scars and stretch marks. Due to its thickness, it may be surprising that the oil can be applied to acne-prone skin, however, increasingly more users actually confirm its spectacular effects. Its natural antiseptic properties prevent development of bacteria and fungi on pathologically changed skin. As an antioxidant, it is a product indispensable in each vanity case. The skin becomes soft and silky almost instantly after application of this green miracle-worker. High content of unsaturated fatty acids makes hydrolipid layer of the skin remain in great condition. Tamanu reduces acne scars and supports regeneration of the skin.

Properties of Tamanu oil:

  • strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • absorbs UV radiation
  • regenerates dry and tired skin
  • protects hydrolipid layer
  • intensely smooths and softens the skin
  • antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiviral
  • helpful in treating herpes
  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • regenerates blood vessels
  • reduces wrinkles

Tamanu oil has dark green colour and characteristic smell resembling the smell of walnuts. Its consistency is rather thick, however, after applying it to wet skin, the oil absorbs and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness. Its application may depend on one’s own feelings – it can be used without dilution or in combination with other oils. According to us, it is an ideal part of night-time skin care routine for problematic skin in combination with jojoba oil during the day :)

* Before applying, check the individual skin reaction to the oil


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Sprawdza się w regeneracji blizny po operacji. Nic się nie jątrzy a ładnie goi :)


Bardzo dobry na blizny!

Używałam po operacji, blizna pięknie się zagoiła, bez powikłań, super olejek!


Nie ma lepszego!

Do mojej skóry trądzikowej idealny!



moja skóra go uwielbia, co prawda ma intensywny zapach, ale na noc to nie przeszkadza.

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Tamanu oil - green perfection

Tamanu oil - green perfection

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