Strawberry seed oil


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  • sensitive and delicate skin
  • dry skin, flabby
  • delicate eye area
  • dehydrated skin, mature
  • contaminated skin


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Strawberry seed oil amazes with its rich composition of fatty acids, tocopherols and phytosterols. EFAs constitute an important element of intercellular cement, and this oil contains wealth of these acids. One of most important acids contained in this oil, linoleic acid, can absorb UV radiation which is an important skin protection factor. It is a light oil with a pleasant consistency and aromatic, intense smell as well as green-yellow colour. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave greasy residue.

Properties of strawberry seed oil:

  • highly antioxidative
  • regulates sebum production
  • intense moisturisation of the skin and intercellular cement rebuilding
  • protection against external factors
  • makes the skin incredibly silky
  • anti-acne
  • slows down the process of cellular degradation
  • prevents blackheads
  • strengthens nails
  • makes hair elastic and shiny

Thanks to its light consistency and incredible composition, strawberry seed oil can be used for many purposes – skin care, hair care and nail care. It may be used individually as well as in combination with other oils.

Before applying it to the face, we recommend spraying the skin with a hydrosol selected according to a type of skin, delicately pat a few drops (not more so that the oil absorbs quickly) into the eye area and then spread it on face, neck and neckline.

To strengthen hair, it is recommended to apply strawberry seed oil to the scalp, and then massage it into it using energetic motions. Leave it for at least an hour and then comb the hair so that the oil makes it shiny from the roots to the ends. Then, one should wash hair thoroughly with African black soap (or one’s favourite shampoo).


* Before applying, check the individual skin reaction to the oil

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    Olej lekki, nie tłusty. Aplikowany na twarz spłyca zmarszczki, łagodzi podrażnienia, regeneruje. Na całe ciało daje efekt aksamitnej skóry. Bardzo wydajny przy użyciu na twarz, wystarczą 3 krople. Średnio wydajny na całe ciało, ale efekt użycia utrzymuje się długo, wystarczy aplikować 2 razy w tygodniu, nalepiej zaraz po kąpieli, bo wtedy się dobrze wchłania. Żadnych podrażnień, stanów zapalnych, przy skórze problematycznej. Dozowany w małej ilości świetnie się sprawdza. Piękny zapach. Gorąco polecam

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      Strawberry seed oil

      Strawberry seed oil

      • sensitive and delicate skin
      • dry skin, flabby
      • delicate eye area
      • dehydrated skin, mature
      • contaminated skin


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