• Prickly pear – plants botox
  • Prickly pear – plants botox

Prickly pear – plants botox

  • wrinkles
  • dehydrated skin
  • skin requiring regeneration, dry
  • mature skin
  • skin with reduced elasticity
  • all skin types
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Cold-pressed, completely pure (not combined with other oils) and unrefined barbary fig seed oil is a real revolution in natural care. It took the European market by storm, gaining a group of faithful customers whose number is rapidly growing. It is a real predator combating the signs of aging and smoothing out wrinkles. It has not escaped the attention of all people who follow trends in natural and effective skincare. It is not without reason that it was hailed the NATURAL BOTOX!

Properties of barbary fig seed oil:

  • effective fight against wrinkles
  • delaying the skin aging process
  • regeneration of every type of skin
  • nourishment and firming
  • it evens and removes scars
  • strengthens protective barrier and immune system of the skin
  • contains EFAs
  • anti-inflammatory, soothes irritation
  • improves integrity of the skin
  • natural antioxidant
  • effective skin conditioner
  • protects against free radicals
  • reconstruction of cells
  • discolouration, dark spots
  • reduces the appearance of pores
  • anti-aging serum

The oil is undeniably thick but not oily, which makes it absorb quickly. It leaves the skin smooth and pleasant to touch. It can be combined with other oils by adjusting the ratio to individual needs.

Shamasa’s tips:

12 ml of oil is around 260 drops which means that applying 3 drops (which is enough for the whole face) we will obtain 86 doses which is around three months of using this really exceptional oil every day.

The best effect can be obtained by applying the oil to the face sprayed with a rose hydrosol. Despite its thick consistency, it absorbs quickly, and it can be used even as a makeup base. The oil should be patted into the area of the eyes (not rubbed).

* Before applying, check the individual skin reaction to the oil


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Od dawna o niej słyszałam. Wszyscy zachwycali się. A ja zastanawiałam się w czym ten olej może być tak wyjątkowy... no olej to olej. Cóż za pomyłka! Użyłam i już nie przestanę, to jest naprawdę genialny kosmetyk! Skóra po nim jest piękna, gładka, odżywiona, nawilżona, na słów mi brak!


Mój numer 1 !

Nie wierzyłam...a teraz kupuje już kolejną butelkę, bo naprawdę cera jest nie do poznania! Nakładam po spryskaniu rumiankiem na moją wrażliwą skórę , pięknie się wchłania, jest gładka i elastyczna! cudnie!


Mój ulubiony :)

kocham od zawsze :)))))



Podobnie jak Pani Grażyna stosuję taki zestaw i gorąco go polecam!


Polecam :)

W połączeniu z wodą różaną i kwasem hialuronowym moja skora nabrała jędrności i blasku. Rewelacja polecam!!

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Prickly pear – plants botox

Prickly pear – plants botox

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