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ELEGANCE set for the care of mature skin in a company box

It consists of:
  •      hydrolate from Damascus rose 100 ml
  •      serum with 30 ml gold flakes
  •      hyaluronic serum with ginseng and green tea 30 ml

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A unique set for the care of mature skin, which will appeal to all those who pay special attention by choosing ingredients for the care of delicate skin of the face and neck. A fusion of three products that will pamper every skin and take care of its condition.

The skin after applying the serum is clearly illuminated, nourished, takes on a radiant and silky structure.

Properties of the Hydrates from Damascus rose ORGANIC:

  •       tones, cleanses, nourishes
  •       soothes irritation and redness
  •       Antibacterial and antiseptic
  •       restores the proper pH
  •       improves skin elasticity
  •       soothes redness
  •       strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  •       It binds moisture, ensuring proper hydration
  •       anti-inflammatory
  •       relieves changes (including acne)
  •       fixes makeup
The gold serum contains precious fig Opuntia oil that is known for:

  •      effective fight against wrinkles
  •      delaying skin aging processes
  •      regeneration of all skin types
  •      nourishment and firming
  •      reduces and removes scars
  •      strengthens the protective barrier and immune system of the skin
  •      contains EFAs
  •      anti-inflammatory, soothing irritation
  •      improves skin integrity
  •      natural antioxidant
  •      effective conditioner for the skin
  •      protects against free radicals
  •      cellular reconstruction
  •      discoloration, dark spots
  •      reduces pores
  •      anti aging serum
In addition, the essential oil of rose seeds contained in the serum with a high content of natural vitamin C cares for the complexion with delicate capillaries and sea buckthorn provides carotenoids (vitamin A). Squalane prevents loss of firmness, oxygenates cells and protects against water evaporation.

The whole is complemented by gold particles that intensify the action of the serum.

Hyaluronic serum - a combination of ginseng and green tea in hyaluronic acid is a hybrid ready both to face the whole list of skin imperfections and to take care of the perfect complexion, so that it remains as long as possible.

PROPERTIES OF GREEN TEA (Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract)

  •     natural antioxidant
  •     it delays the signs of aging: fine lines of wrinkles, discoloration
  •     Catechins contained in green tea help fight acne
  •     it draws out pollution
  •     reduces enlarged pores, disinfects
  •     seals the walls of blood vessels


  •     natural antioxidant
  •     stimulates microcirculation,
  •     nourishes and oxygenates skin cells
  •     strengthens hair
  •     rebuilds the hydro-lipid coat of the skin
  •     it adds the complexion of vitality
  •     increases the skin's resistance to infections

This duo is a real care firecracker. Known for centuries for its beneficial effects green tea combined with the root of life (ginseng) in the assistance of hyaluronic acid, which binds water in the skin and prevents its loss will take care of all skin types.

It works perfectly with the help of your favorite oil or cream.

We recommend spraying the face with your favorite hydrolate, then apply the appropriate oil to the skin and finally close the care of the SERUM with green tea and ginseng.

Serum is a highly concentrated product containing active ingredients with a light consistency, which is why it is perfect for make-up.
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    Taka petarda że nie wiem jak opisać! Kupuję kolejny bo już się uzależniłam! Super zestaw, świetna jakość!


      Świetne produkty!

      Polecam bo kupuję do dawna i każdy nowy produkt jest świetny a tym złotem to podbiliście moje serce! Pozdrawiam z Kołobrzegu :)


        Prezent idealny!

        Kupiłem żonie... kocha mnie jakby mocniej...? ;)))

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          ELEGANCE set for the care of mature skin in a company box

          It consists of:
          •      hydrolate from Damascus rose 100 ml
          •      serum with 30 ml gold flakes
          •      hyaluronic serum with ginseng and green tea 30 ml

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